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These guys are total quacks! Watch Out People!

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Published: 04 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I went to Oceanside Treatment Center Recovery Resources Inc. This is because I had a drinking issue that was going out of my own control. These guys have this absolute sham named Dual Diagnosis and they gave me Xanax, a drug for sleep. The withdrawal symptoms for Xanax are many including anxiety, blurring of vision, body vibrations, agoraphobia, abdominal pains, hair loss, insomnia, heart palpitations, paranoia, shaking, sound and light sensitivity, fear, short-term memory loss, flu-esque symptoms and headaches among others. These incompetent fools gave me Zyprexa and they wanted me to consume shrink pills which were frankly dangerous.

Even on their website, they have directly written that dual diagnosis or co-existing disorders can be identified during evaluation itself. Their approach, i.e. giving psychiatric pills including Xanax is dangerous and something that I feel is just disease mongering instead of helping you get rid of an addiction completely. I was just thrown out from this centre for refusing to take psychiatric drugs around 3 weeks into my recovery phase. I had clearly told the centre that I only wish to be sober and was not into psychiatry. However, these incompetent people, particularly Lynda and Stephen Gumley, kept asking me to take these shrink pills and also stated fraudulently how they thought I had a chemical imbalance. They were literally forcing me to take those pills on grounds of medical compliance. Sobriety would be a literal joke if I abused my body freshly with these toxic pills. This clinic is a sheer joke and I did not get a refund as well.

Psychiatric disorders do not qualify as medical conditions/ailments. There are no brain scans, lab tests, chemical imbalance tests or X-rays which can help diagnose mental disorders. People do suffer from emotional imbalance or depression but psychiatry is something that has been going over the top, highlighting such behaviour to sell more drugs. It is an excellent marketing strategy and more so when a rehab and recovery centre is peddling the same. The centre has incompetent guys running it, ones who do not even know half the details of their own job I guess. Guys stay away from these quacks; they don’t really know what they are doing and will only end up giving you another huge addiction in place of the last one through psychiatric drugs.

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