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Published: 17 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I got a loan modification a few years ago. A couple of months into the modification I noticed “Optional” items showing up on my payments. As I was on an extremely tight budget, I called and asked what this was. Customer Service Representative (CSR) could not explain what it was, no shocker there. I asked it be removed, they said I would have to contact agency. I asked what agency/company and she sad she did not have that information. I asked that it be removed and it was left on. Within a few months I had a couple more “optional” items show up. I again called and demand they be removed as I did request/consent to have these on here. I tried to send in my monthly payment, minus these optional items, and had my payment returned. Called in again and demanded they be removed, was told i would have to contact the companies. I again asked who approved items to added to my account, and again, nothing but the standard scripted bullshit. I explained that if they did not get rid of the optional items I would have a hard time making my payments. I talked with a “supervisor” that assured me he would get these taken off. By this time, I had to miss a payment hear the there as I aslo had 4 kids to take care of. They finaly got them off my acount, they wanted like $2400 lump sum. Explained I did not/could not come up with that amount of moeny at one time. Supervisor told me to wait until November when my modification would be at the 1 year mark. I did as they asked and over the past year I have submitted the Modification Package 13 times. I have heard every excuse in the world (i.e. missing page(s), missing signaure(s) or date(s), they didnt receive it, envelope was damaged and pages missing, pay stubs no current, didnt get the email or attachments missing). When asked to send me what they had…NEVER got anything. They flatly refused to send me what they had so I could replace missing page or whatever the issue was. Always had to do the whole this over again. They finally said they received everything only to deny the modification package. I have tried other place to get refinanced or modifiations and they will only deal with you if you have $100,000 or more in debt and really good credit. I’m now getting legal notices from a law firm about selling my house or pay almost $71000. I’m about to be another homelss veteran with a bad heart. I just want to make my payments the way I used to so I can stay in the house ive been in since 2000. Looks like im going to live in my car and lose all my possessions. Thanks to Ocwen adding “Optional” items that were not wanted or authorized. Mark Gatton, (email address removed by HolySmoke.org admin)

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