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Published: 21 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Our loan was transfersed to Ocwen several years ago. We were victims of predatory lending coming from another corupt Mtg Co Taylor Bean and Whitaker who were closed down we think. We tried for 2 years to modify with Ocwen they had us crazy with the endless phone merry go round only to be disconnected evey time!!!We spent hours on the phone.Sent in endless documents, hardship letters costing alot of money we did not have.Our stress was incredible.No one to get in touch with.We had our things in boxes . Pets given away in heartbreak. We had an auction date.We contacted the NH Banking Department and a gentlman from that department at the very last second put pressure on Ocwen and we got an in home Mod.Well that was wonderful.A payment we have been making eversince 1177.oo monthly.Still high but we did it .Then Ocwen sold us to Nationstar 6 months later. We continued to pay the new amount every month with document to prove this. 2 months ago we recieved a letter from Nationstar saying our already escrowed amount about 300. a month was in deficit of almost 12,000 Dollars. Our new monthly payment was giong up to 2300.00.More than double!!! Our taxes and insurance have always been escrowed in and are paid to date .We pay about 300. a month wich covers our escowed taxes and insurance.We asked for an investigatin into this with a Sam From Nationstar. He said that Ocwen did not modify our loan the right way and that he saw sveral other thing that werent right.He said he would send us to resolution???Well 2 days ago Nationstar sent us an Email saying we did indeed owe this and they have NO proof or documents from Ocwen.We dont know what to do .We couldnt afford that much.We have many documents.We are running out of time. They want to make us move.They arwe the new modern day Mafia. .

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