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Published: 10 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On or around 02/05/2014 we purchased through ebay a remanufactured cylinder head for a 200 Plymouth Neon 2.0. The head was installed an in less than a month it failed. The rocker shaft on the intake side cracked between the 3 and 4 cylinders. We contacted Odessa Cylinder Head who demanded that we disassemble the head and go through a step by step inspection. We noted that the noise and drop in performance in the vehilce was enough to show that the head had been defective, as a properly remanufactured cylinder head should not be making tapping and knocking noises and should have proper performance. We were cursed at my Bob Metz, who used terms such as “A-HOle”, “Mother F****R”, “and “loser” to address us. Bob Metz then hung up on us. We then removed the valve cover and saw the broken rocker shaft. We called back and informed them that the rocker shaft was broken and they changed their tune. Apparently this is a recurring problem that they were fully aware of. They sent us a replacement head without even asking that the damaged head be returned. UNfortunately, metal shavings from the damaged head caused the got into the journals of the crank shaft causing scoring there and the timing of the 4 was out due to the broken rocker shaft which caused the 4 piston to be damaged & which scored the wall of the 4 cylinder as well. So when we removed the defective head, we were forced to rebuild the entire engine to repair the damage done by the defective head. The new head arrived and we installed it onto the freshly rebuilt engine which now had a freshly machined block, new pistons with new piston rings & bearings , a new crankshaft & crank bearings, a new oil pump and a new water pump. It was immediately apparent that there was a problem with this head as well. The car made a heavy amount of smoke and has never performed correctly. The check engine light is on, there is a code for “timing one or more teeth out of time”. The timing has been checked by two different mechanics and the timing belt is set correctly with both the crank and the cam markings aligning perfectly with the timing marks. The head was then measured and found to have been machined far past the specifications for replacement. This is an indication that this head was warped and and should have been discarded and definitely NOT rebuilt. We then removed the intake manifold and observed that oil was pooling in the valves that were in a closed position. This is an indication that either the valve stem seals were improperly installed, the valves or valve bores are worn out of spec, or that new valve stem seals were never installed as claimed by Odessa Cylinder Head. Regardless of the defect, it is clear that the heads that were sold to us should have gone into the scrap bin and not been remanufactured as they were too badly damaged to be reused. Odessa Cylinder Head refuses to work with us regarding this incident. Due to the poor quality of the componants purchased from Odessa Cylinder Head we do not wish to install another head remanufactured by them, as we do not trust that the head will be properly inspected prior to remanufacture, or that the remanufactiring procedure will be performed properly. We are now stuck with a vehicle that burns over 1 quart of oil a week and fouls the spark plugs with burnt oil immediately robbing the vehicle of all it’s performance. The reposnse fromBob Metz General Manager of Odesaa Cylinder head was “Get a lawyer and sue me.” .

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