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Published: 08 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

It’s kinda funny a couple just starting out has a kid can’t even take him home to see his grandpa his family.granted having no job is bad but u let heavy drug users keep their kids. when me and my fiance went to our sons first couple visits after he was taken they had written a 60day safety plan and after the 60days were up for 2weeks we had seen bruises on our 2mth old son on his temple wrapping around. the bruises seemed to be of the imprint of a females knuckle. and then at another visit there was a bruise on the back of his head. the have him in too small of diapers and clothes. he had nightterrors at almost all of his visits with us. he has had thrush for 4 almost 5 months they say they want me to go to anger management classes that they through me in after they knew i was trying to get one of my own. the classes they have me in i have to pay $20 per class. our case manager requested our case personally because she know my fiance from her past. she has stated that she would talk to us once a week but has not done so. she has broken hippa by speaking to my fiances family after we have specifically told her not to. she also hasn’t even tried to contact my family. .

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