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Published: 14 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

The world has those hiding behind the anonymous aspects of the computer to malign innocent hardworking people like myself. My actions in my professional and personal life has been impeccable until I met the "odd couple" who saw myself and my business partner as a threat to their lackluster business. While our companies are properly incorporated in several states including two in California not a single of his is registered outside his sick little demented mind. He has resorted to crude and offensive comments towards me, Mayor Ron Jones, David Harrison Levy, Charles Esposito, Tom Gabriel, Andrew Gora, Perris Alexander and Travis Stadtmuller. All these postings come within minutes of each other on several bogus websites using different names. What do we have in common as victims? We are successful business people, have received independent awards and legitimately benefit charities doing good for society. But, Mister Anonymous can only hid his impotent personality behind some computer name or stalk us. He failed miserably because our reputations are above reproach and our track records are well documented. Unlike he we are stable members of the community. We unlike him didn’t have to leave Florida to escape prosecution for bilking a charity, even worse in Colorado. He points at us with 3 fingers facing towards himself. All I say is truth. He will continue to post and we will just yawn chuckle and deliver our successes to our fulfilling partnership with the almighty who directed us to forgive this sick man. SP we forgive you and pray for your redemption.

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