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Published: 22 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

OHANA BULLDOGS Convicted felon, con artist, scammer, LIAR, etc Jessica Bliss Jessa Lou Eili Bliss Jessica Teague has pups due oct 31 buyer beware you are supporting the habit by purchasing her pups …she is a false rescue who sells the dogs she supposedly is rescuing and transported sick dogs to the coast, where they later died if parvo within 24 hrs. Please don’t support people like her. She tried conning a very good group of people and she got caught. She claims to be a rescue but she is actually a dog flipper, broker and bad breeder. She claims all dogs are off on her website, eyes, hips, heart, spine, ect. yet they aren’t. She buys adult bulldogs from Craigslist that aren’t spayed and says she giving them to her (FOSTER/Adopted) kids (using them as pawns), but really she’s using it for a baby making and money machine. She was warned about within the rescue community and banned under Pet finder but resurfaced as Southern Castaways and advertises under Adopt A Pet. She conned another family, who’s child was sick and in the hospital out of 3 seal pups, saying that they were for her family (aka foster & adopted kids). They are now being sold as triple carriers (which is a LIE). She will also tell you they are vet checked…….they aren’t. No vet will deal with her because she owes all vets tons of money in town. She has her scum husband ELI do her transport for her! .

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