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They don’t care about your kids

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Published: 10 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

One year ago, I sent my little girl off to dance school, she was only 4, and she loved to dance. Every day she came back with a big smile and told me everything about her day, until a few months ago. The dance school she was at broke and had to be shut down, but my daughter wanted to keep dancing, so I looked around for another dance school to enroll her.
That’s how I ended up in this place, on my first visit, everyone was really nice, the teachers and students appeared to have lots of fun in the classes, it seemed like the perfect place to enroll my little dancer. I did, and I regret it every single day. During the first month, everything seemed fine, she came back home happy and told me every little detail about her day.
I noticed that she mentioned the same person every day, but it wasn’t a friend, she talked about this person as if she was afraid, I was worried thinking that my kid might have been bullied in her dance classes, so I called her teacher to find out. Her teacher said that this girl was a friend of my daughter and they spent the whole class together every time. I expressed my concerns and asked her to keep an eye on them because I knew something was off, but this teacher, let’s call her Mary, laughed at me, saying kids did weird stuff all the time, and I had nothing to worry about because this other girl was not punching my daughter.
In case you didn’t know, bullying isn’t physical half the time, it’s the psychological part of the bullying that really gets under their skin. I didn’t want my little girl to go through something like that, so I made some time to go watch her dance, during this whole class, my daughter never approached the other girl, never talked to her or even looked her way, it looked like she barely knew about her existence, my daughter didn’t even know this girl. I asked her during a break if this kid had done something to her, she said no. Then I just happened to witness what was really going on in that horrible place.
Mary started calling the kids one by one to show her some moves, then she would talk about how awful their performance was, keep in mind these were -8 years old little girls, she also called one of the little girls ”fat as a whale” until she cried. I then realized that the situation was very similar to what my daughter had mentioned before. When it was my daughter’s turn, she said the worst things you can tell a child whose biggest dream is to dance, my poor little girl was holding her tears while the teacher kept screaming at her how she would never be a good dancer, how she was so slow that a slug would do better than her. I don’t know why this teacher thought that was the way to teach kids, but I took my daughter out that same day and put up a complaint to get that woman fired.

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