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Published: 13 June 2018

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John C. Howe, Westport, Connecticut, USA, Old Hill Partners, Inc., Patriot Group LLC ,in Darien, Connecticut ,intimidates U. S. Web Sites to Remove Truthful and Damaging Articles Implicating Him in Tax and Securities Fraud. Be Extremely careful not to invest in John C Howe private hedge fund ! Its a fraud under national and international investigation ! Whistleblowers International (WBI) is under attack by alleged tax cheat John C. Howe and Old Hill Partners for WBI’s reporting about ongoing investigations into Mr. Howe’s alleged tax fraud and securities law violations, including the siphoning of private investor funds for Mr. Howe’s personal benefit. Mr. Howe is a resident of Westport, Connecticut. WBI asserts that Mr. Howe has taken actions to threaten and intimidate several U.S. media outlets, forcing them to remove WBI’s blogs, press releases and other content pertaining to Mr. Howe’s alleged frauds. The background involved two separate and independent whistleblowers who have come forward against Mr. Howe, Old Hill Partners, and other individuals and entities affiliated with Mr. Howe. WBI has previously reported on the first whistleblower, an American, who has accused Mr. Howe, Old Hill Partners and other entities of committing U.S. tax and securities fraud. The whistleblower filed claims with the IRS and SEC against Mr. Howe, Old Hill Partners and their related funds. That same whistleblower has also accused Mr. Howe of retaliating against him by forcing the whistleblower into bankruptcy and harassing and intimidating him and his family inside the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Recently, a second whistleblower contacted WBI and announced that he is preparing whistleblower filings against Mr. Howe, several former and present officers and employees of Mr. Howe’s companies, and others. The second whistleblower alleges that Mr. Howe and his colleagues and affiliates committed U.S. tax fraud, siphoned investor funds for Mr. Howe’s personal benefit, and overcharged those same investors exorbitant management fees. On or about October 15, 2014, several e-media organizations contacted WBI and informed it that they were removing WBI’s blogs and press releases from their web sites, based on threats they had received from Mr. Howe and his U.S. lawyers. Mr. Howe’s lawyers, through agents, took actions to discredit WBI by informing the media organizations that WBI’s press releases contained false and libelous statements about Mr. Howe and Old Hill Partners. One media outlet told WBI that Mr. Howe’s lawyers and agents “threatened them with litigation if they did not immediate remove from their web site all WBI press releases referencing Mr. Howe and Old Hill Partners,” regardless of whether they were true. WBI also discovered that Mr. Howe’s lawyers made similar threatening statements to the U.S. web company that hosts WBI’s blogs and articles for WBI’s U.S. clientele. Under threat of litigation, the U.S. web company temporarily shut down WBI’s blog site causing a delay in service for WBI customers and bloggers. WBI’s Ann Shoutzer notes: “Mr. Howe’s actions are illegal and clearly demonstrate his desperate desire to harass, intimidate and quiet the media for distributing the truth about his alleged fraudulent activities.” Says media consultant Eleanor Krautz, “Mr. Howe is using a classic technique of deflection that is used in political smear campaigns. Attack the messenger so that public will ignore the message.” Erik Nordenberg, a E.U. legal correspondent for WBI further states: “I am appalled that this type of censorship can occur in today’s Internet within a free Western society. Mr. Howe has bullied one whistleblower in U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Now he thinks he can do the same to WBI.” “But Mr. Howe has another thing coming,” says WBI’s John Stratenberg. WBI has take immediate action to move its U.S. blog to its operations outside of the United States. “The move allows us to continue to service our U.S. customers out of reach and attack by Howe and his attorneys,” says Stratenberg. Continues Stratenberg ” We are also exploring possible legal action against Mr. Howe and his attorneys. Through his threats and intimidation, Mr. Howe has tortuously interfered with WBI’s relationships with media outlets and damaged WBI’s reputation.” WBI has reissued its recent blogs, press releases and articles to a larger volume of media outlets.

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