Old No 77 Hotel & Chandlery

The Staff at Old No 77 Hotel Chandlery is Racist

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Published: 10 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Not sure who is giving this place a good review they don’t even deserve 1 star. These assholes have just ruined my whole vacation. I decided to visit New Orleans with my family to enjoy some quality time with them, but I didn’t have much time for enjoyment instead I was in misery all the time. It’s all due to the Old No 77 Hotel, I decided to visit this hotel because it had a good rating but I regret my decision. They claim to have one of the best services in town as compared to the other ones but the people who have visited there might know the reality that who these fucking bastards are. I would never recommend a place like that to anyone who treats their customers the way treated us. At the check-in, the front desk girl was a racist and tried every bit of her power to make us leave from the hotel. She is a liar and maniacal sociopath who created lies based on our color. I would never play a race card or something like that on anyone nor will be going to hate anyone based on race, color, or creed. We were first asked to lower the volume of music that was already being played at a low tone but we did it to not to create any inconvenience for the other guest in the hotel. But then we are called again at 1 am for talking too loud, this was something which made me uncomfortable but still, I spoke respectfully. I let the front desk girl know that there would be some guest coming over for some drinks. But I can see the hatred and disgust in her eyes, she called the police on us. I asked her that why she had called the police on us and lied about my family, she gave a response in a manner as if she was keen to irritate us and said that we were being violent and threatening the guests over there but we were not. She could barely look me in the eye knowing she has made it all up and fabricated the stories to get us escorted and made us leave the hotel. Thankfully, the officers cooperated and understood reality. I left that hotel immediately. I would never do anything like this which the lady has done with me and never accuse anyone’s character. I will certainly make sure that bitch has to pay up for what she has done with us, she will rot behind the bars. I would never recommend this place as anyone who plays the race card shouldn’t be allowed to work. They need to step up their game. I am not a person who is fond of writing a negative review about a company but I had to write this one, due to the circumstances I was being forced into. I believe this review will help you in making an informed decision about the place.

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