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Published: 31 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Firstly, if I see or hear anyone else refer to people who are self respecting enough to walk away from these legal scams (exactly what they are) as “weak” or as people with “poor work ethic”, I will personally and loudly let you know what a mindless, brainwashed, sheep you are. I recently graduated with my business associates and I’m just a semester shy of having my bachelor’s in Marketing Management. I got tired of never seeing my husband and 2 year old daughter (who has Epilepsy, which includes extremely expensive prescriptions and neurology visits), because of my job as a bar tender. So I naively started looking for something entry level that would be decent pay and an opportunity to get my foot in the door, so I could have noted experience when I did obtain my bachelor’s degree. That’s when I started putting in my resumes, which was at 10pm on a Thursday night. I received FOUR phone calls on Friday morning. I was ecstatic and bragged to everyone about how great it was, like a fool. Because it was in fact, too good to be true. Prestige Consultants, OLN Inc., Titan Elements, and TN Valley Events were the four phone calls. I know that OLN is a bullshit scam, because I went to my shadow interview, where I PAID for my trainer’s meal, and I went door to door with him, selling the same products as staples, office max, and Sam’s club for MAYBE cents cheaper. He harassed the “clients” and I felt embarrassed for him. He would snoop in peoples offices without their consent, and I even witnessed him lie to a customer. It was a gas station in Brentwood where most of the employees were foreign and couldn’t fully understand English, and he told the one who could that the other two employees had approved of what he was writing on the order form, which was an outright lie. I was disgusted. He snooped in another foreign lady’s office while she was not there, and when she came in and was upset, he told her that her employees (who also barely spoke English) told us to do so, another outright lie. And thankfully, the lady was smart enough to know otherwise. When he tried to lie to her she replied “I seriously doubt it”. And she was right. It is 100% commission based and you are absolutely a door to door salesman. I AM NOT weak, and DO NOT have a poor worth ethic. I a 23 year old female Veteran of the US Army, currently serving in the TN National Guard in an all male combat unit, as a section leader of the maintence section. I am self made, raised in poverty, now owning my own house, married, three vehicles, not on or ever have been on any kind of public assistance. I work full time, go to school full time, am in the reserves, and take care of my home, husband, and daughter. I have self respect and integrity. I will not work my ass off for minimum wage, and will not earn that bullshit pay by harassing, manipulating, and taking advantage of people down on their luck. RUN. NOW. Thank you for everyone who has come forward about these pathetic excuses for marketing firms. You have truly saved my family and I from a dire financial catastrophe. My daughter’s meds are nearly 600 a month without insurance. These companies do not care about you. Please BEWARE!

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