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What a rip off!

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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Spas are an emerging trend and people look forward to it whenever they feel tired and want to have some relaxing state of mind. Before visiting a spa I would recommend that we all should make sure that the spa which we are going to visit is registered, licensed and have professional workers. You should ask your spa clinic whether they are insured or not. Om Day Spa is a spa which is located in Dearborn, Michigan. They claim to have one of the best spa services in the town as compared to other ones. They also claim to have clean facilities where you can make yourself comfortable, and make sure that the place is pleasant and sanitary and most of all it gives you the feeling you are looking for. But customers have reported that Om Day Spa has not been able to deliver quality services to them, they don’t have the latest methods and techniques to treat their customers as it causes them pain and agony. Om Day Spa has also been receiving a negative response from customers as they have said that they have overcharged their customers, and are keen to make money from them.
I have witnessed so many customers complaining about the services of Om Day Spa. I have actually gone on to ask them and one of the customers said that he had a horrible experience at Om Day Spa after having a pedicure. The customer said that she went there for a pedicure but it didn’t do anything for her. She said that the toenails were cut uneven and none of the skin of the dead cuticles was removed. When the customer asked the therapist to remove the dead skin, the therapist responded that she can’t remove it anymore. The customer was very disappointed with the way she was treated at Om Day Spa and she never wants to visit this type of facility again in her entire lifetime.
Another customer reported that she had a horrible experience with Om Day Spa and as she had her nails done there and rightly after 2 days it started peeling off after paying a lot of money on it. I would recommend that customers should research before going to any places like Om Day Spa.
Om Day Spa has not been receiving a positive response from their customers and I believe that they are not delivering quality services to their customer. I have seen customers unhappy about the way they were treated at Om Day Spa and said that they would not recommend anyone to go to spa clinics like Om Day Spa and also these kinds of spa clinics has hired marketing services to manage the reviews online. They also asked the customer and offer them money to give them excellent ratings on customer review websites. One of the customers who I came across told me that she bought a gift package for her mother from Om Day Spa but it didn’t do any good to her as her mother was ripped off and she ended up paying $185 extra from her own pocket.

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