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Published: 23 February 2019

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I bought a vehicle and that evening had someone break out the window in my driveway. I filed the police report and assesment of the damage was made which was only abroken window. I called Glass pros and was told they could fix it right away. I took my car there and thats where the issues started. After the window was replaced I go out to my car and on the new window is a large scratch on the a window I just paid over $200 for. I go inside to let them know and the gut at the counter comes out to look at it and he then goes to get someone else and they agree it cant be buffed out and they go back and forth about why it wasnt inspected before it came out. Eventually he says he can order a new glass and replace it or give me $30 credit back. I agree on the $30. I then ask when I can take the black tape off the window that is all around the new window he goes to check and say the next day. I didnt go anywhere next day so today I goto take the tape off and there is a scrape and small dent in the top of the door that was not there when I took the car in. I go backto see what happened and too see about getting it repaired. The first gut looks at it and says we have cameras let me take a look which was fine with me and I go to sit down and wait. Then the origianl front desk guy who was there on Saturday comes out and before he even lok s at my car he looks at me and says so your here trying to get something for nothing. I was shocked! He then goes out and looks at my car and before even lookng at the video says we didnt do that you must have done that. I let him know it was there when I pulled the tape off but was not when I brought it in. He says well Im going to pull up the tapes we can see everything again I agree. He comes back a few minutes later to say oh we cant see what was going on with your car as there is a glare. He then say I can look if I want so I asked to see. The gut in the back pulls up the video and I am starting to watch it and I can see the car but its not even fully pulled in the garage but its half in half hanging out. I see 2 guys looking at my car. As I am trying to watch the video the froint deak guy comes up and interupts me stating the guy who fixed you window is here he is going to talk to you then he turns and tell me this is the guy and he said that dent wasnt there when he fised your window so you must have done that. I said I just took the tape off and it was there. Then he states do you want the brick back that went through your window? I said there was no brick in my car. At this point he gets very andgry and confrontational. He says you callling my guy a liar I said I know there wasnt a brick in my car because we had gone through the car to see if there was any more damage and we had to tape up the window inside until I could get it fixed and we certainly would have noticed a brick. He again states saying are you calling my gut a liar and he steps in front of the shop door blocking me from leaving and tell me to tell his shop guy to his face that he is lying. I ask to leave and he says no tell my guy to his face that he is lying and he still would not move. The shop guy wouldnt even make eye contasct with me and the guy showing me the video was laughing. I again asked to leave and at this point was scared and shaken and started to cry and he finally moved. He is at me all they out the door telling me to add the dent to my police report and I was a liar and I did it myself.I did state I would be filing a report on the shop and what hapned and he said go right ahead you are lying. I would never ever recommend anyone to go to a business that treats customers this way it ia appalling. I wanted no money back and never enen mentioned that I just wanted to know what happened and I wanted them to fix it.

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