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Scam Alert, the worst auto care agency ever

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Published: 26 November 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Me and my friend both were scammed by the Omega Auto Care Company. They tricked us both in paying a lump sum amount of money on the warranted services of our vehicles. Back two months my car (TOYOTA PRIUS) started giving me some problems so I took my car to this auto care agency. The staff in the first meeting was very delightful and I welcomed me with a warm heart. I was very happy with their customer service and they lead me into signing a deal in which they warranted me some services. But I didn’t know I was being scammed and being pushed into a scam deal by them.

Two weeks before my car started to stop unexpectedly so I took my car again to this company. They said me that there is some problem with the oils of the car and needed a full service including some changes of the part like brake pads and some other things. They told me to leave the car of three days and told me to collect my car after three days in the afternoon. As I was delighted with my first service, I left my car with them happily but I didn’t know that I was being scammed. After a day I received a phone call that I have to pay for some services which they warranted. I was shocked and felt so disgruntled that first they charged me for a deal and promised me some services and now again I have to pay for the same services again. That very moment I left my house in hurry and rushed myself to the agency. Their I demanded the staff to call their supervisor but I was told that he was not present in the agency and will not be available till next day so I was force to go home that day without getting any answers about the extra charges they were charging me.

Next day again I went to the agency and they told me to wait as their supervisor was attending some urgent call. I waited for 2 hours and there was no response from them. I asked their staff about the meeting and they started delaying me by giving lame excuses. I was infuriated and felt cheated but was forced to sit again for an hour after which their supervisor called me. In the meeting when I questioned him about the deal, he started sidestepping my questions and started irritating me with a very garrulous behavior. I asked about the deal we made and he started avoiding the question by stating me their fraud policy. I soon realized that I was not going to get a true explanation about my queries from such a clever person so I demanded him to take me to their manager. After making some excuses and arguing with me he called his manager to make an appointment for me.

That same day my friend had also came to visit the supervisor to get some answers on the same problem I was facing. So, me and him both went to the manager. The manager was so pushy and demanded us to pay some more money. As we wanted our cars back, we paid the money and told them to cancel the yearly deal. They charged us the extra cash and didn’t even serviced our cars properly. They told us that to cancel the yearly deal an employee of them with call us and we have to state our problem and the whole process of cancelling the deal would be done on the phone. We both went to our home with our cars with no satisfaction with their services.

Next day I received a call with from one of their employees and she asked about my problem. When I stated my problem, she started to deceive me into a new deal. She started convincing me with new deals but when I didn’t say yes to any of them, she started arguing with me. Then I also threatened her to involve my attorney if they were not going to cancel that deal so at last, she agreed to cancel that deal. But as soon as the call ended, they started calling me about new deals again and again. I demanded them to remove me from their caller list but till now I get their calls which I have to reject again and again.

From the last two weeks I have been scammed, deceived, overly charged, irritated by the hundreds of their calls so people THINK TWICE before going to such scam agencies who verbally promises many things but doesn’t deliver the desired product and even doesn’t stand on the deal, they make with you.

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