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Published: 01 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have an inspiron 8 on a Dell Computer. The thing crashed and provided me with an Error Report Code. I called the retail store where I purchased the maching and was told they did not offer a Start Up Disc, that I would have to contact MicroSoft. So, I visit the MS website and click the tab for support. Omni answeres the phone. I provided the necessary details to the tech via live chat, explain everything to him and eventually he asked how I was communicating with him if the computer had gone down. …with my other computer…, in the other room, was my response. Okay, that out of the way he asks if both computers are on the same network. Yes, they are, I explained. At this point he asks for permission to remote my computer. Permission is granted and as I sit back I can see him flipping page after page until finally, I am told my computer is totally and completely eat up with problems and it would require $349.99 to fix it. This, I was not expecting as all I had asked for was a Start Up Disc. I was under the impression that through my good computer he had accessed my bad computer “Through The Network”. Things progressed until I finally relented and made a down payment of $149.99 with the balance due on 8 Aug 2014. I was then passed to another Tech Rep who jumped in like the barn was on fire. After a bit, as he was confused over the fact that the computer he was into jumping from page to page was my older, computer with MS XP. The busted computer is my “inspirion 8”, which is the one that quit working. At this point I’m told, “We will get you a Start Up Disc out in the mail and you should receive it within 3 to 4 days. What??? Then why did I pay $349.99? The reason? That is so you will have SIX MONTHS of tech support and the “cloud”. I need a cloud, yes indeed. Bottom line is, the first tech rep provided me with the party line rhetoric having NEVER looked into the computer with the problem and the second tech rep supported it. This entire fiasco was all about the money. Yes, the $349.00. That’s all it was about. They, behind a “cloud” of fast talk and promises, sell you six months of tech support. No support however until you pay. I can use a computer but did not grow up with computers. I do feel that I have been taken advantage of. I called back this afternoon and spoke with another Tech Rep. I asked him specifically how much does a Start Up Disc cost for my inspiron 8. Oh, he says, $150.00. Okay then, why did I pay $349.99? “Oh, that’s for the six months Tech Support and the “cloud”. Again, I do need a “cloud”. This Start Up Disc is what I asked for to begin with. In the end this Tech rep exteded my support from six months to nine months and I’ve still got the “cloud”. What a deal. In my humble opinion, yes, they tood advantage of this old man and I’m not a happy camper now. .

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