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Published: 30 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Watch out for Joe Stephens and One Step Ahead Realty! Joe will make sure you NEVER receive your security deposit back. I even contacted Brenda at the One Step Ahead Realty Corporate Office and she gave me the same bull**** excuse that Joe did. Wow, talk about AWFUL Customer Service and NOT giving a D***!. The Corp Office even said that the condo owner had “decided” to keep the deposit. She said, as Joe also “texted me”, the owner holds the security deposit and I need to deal with OWNERS who are 2000 miles away in Canada. Yea right. The LEASE says I deal directly with One Step Ahead Realty and Joe Stephens. Stupid Answer! Beware!!!!! The lease clearly states that One Step Ahead Realty and Joe/Joseph Stephens are the Property Managers and also the “company” to whom I was to pay my 1st 2 Months Rent and the Security Deposit too. I handed Joe Stephens $3,800 CASH, in the form of a Cashier’s Check, while he waited in the bank parking lot! What do they think I am, an idiot? What a bunch of CHEAP Real Estate hustlers. They HUSTLED me good! Also, anytime we had a service or maintenance problem with the condo, or something related to it, it would take Joe at least 3 Days to answer! He did NOT give a d*** just as I was warned. Let me know if you want to see the multiple texts and e-mails related to this complaint! I even sent a very LENGTHY email to Brenda, 2 days ago, the Manager or Contact for One Step Ahead Realty, and she ALSO blew me off! We had a FAULTY Microwave that shot sparks and smoke into the cupboard above it was mounted too, and an Electric Dryer that was dangerous. All Joe had to say after my detailed complaint in a text was “Gee, did you check the “dryer vent” or “filter” and is the microwave “grounded”? WOW, what a Genius Smart Alec Joe is! The microwave is mounted above the stove under the cupboard Joe. After all, it is your listing right? It proved to us then that he did NOT care if anything was DANGEROUS that could cause harm to us or the building. If Joe or One Step Ahead Realty has the Ba**s to answer this they will give some lame excuse why he did not pay us as he may answer here on Rip Off Report. He should have been a “spin” doctor for a big marketing company. The condo was so much cleaner when we left after lengthy stay. And if any of you have any other stories to share about Joe, or you would like to see the “ignored” texts and emails, let me know. I have pictures of my Brand New white socks, just purchased at JC Penny’s Sarasota Square Mall, and the bottom of my socks are BLACK after walking on the tiled floor and the bedroom carpets after just 5 minutes. Pretty Disgusting huh, so we DEEP CLEANED the entire condo our first day here! Keep in mind he said the condo had just been professionally clean. Yea right Joe! I only mention this because the condo was DISGUSTING and he did not give a D***! Let me know if you care to see the pics of “FILTH” which is their HIGH standard obviously! Several residents of the Condo community WARNED me about Joe and his “Don’t Care and LAZY attitude!” I even defended this MORON! He is “slick” and he promised me my deposit back, and he LIED! Pretty Sad! I would NEVER EVER do business again with One Step Ahead Realty or Joe Stephens for a Seasonal Rental of any kind. In fact, it is obvious this is how they “operate” and do business. I would NEVER do business of any kind with him or the company he represents! Don’t be Fooled! I speak from experience. This just happened 2 weeks ago! They are very good at brushing. I mean this IDIOT even texted me a picture of a baby turtle with his foot next to it thinking it may intimidate me. I saved that text to Joe! I told Joe immediately, “You are the turtle!” The long pause from him was great! What a stupid, childish immature thing to do. LMAO! In closing, Joe Stephens and One Step Ahead Realty dropped the ball and LIED to us! Right to our face! Do yourself a favor, and find someone else to do business with! .

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