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Published: 16 October 2018

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I recently needed to move from Austin Tx to Southern California for a job. I thought I would use a small local business to help support them. That was my first mistake. The second mistake was to call One World Van Lines. They came to the house and gave me a quote based on the items we discussed. As it turns out there were a few extra items I wanted to bring, I called and discussed this with Geoff, he raised the price as expected and I agreed to the increase, so far so good. Come moving day the price went up by $650. Since I was already in California there was little I could do (I had my vision impared 19 year old son helping on the Austin end) however I did ask why the huge price increase. I was told by Geoff that it was for supplies (they provided 3 boxes and maybe a whole roll of tape). I argued and he agreed to drop the price to a mear $550! At that point they stored my stuff ($200 a month) while I looked for a place to live. 2 month later I asked they to bring my stuff out to CA. They did that, at least most of my things and this is where the real problem is; they did not deliver the top to my dining room table, the top to my desk, any of the shelving for my shelves, or the top piece of my bed headboard, and who knows what else! I am still finding stuff missing as its hard to put things away with no horizontal surfaces to put things down on! So I called and emailed the office manager Penny. She was responsive and replied the next day that she had the guys search the warehouse and they coundn’t find my stuff. Since then I have written to her, Geoff and Ibriham formally reporting that my belongings are missing, exactly what is missing, and asking what they intend to do. No answer, no response, no acknowledgement that they received the email. I’ve sent them a photo of the inventory listing the missing items, no response. This is a company that charges $650 for a few boxes and some tape when they have you in a position where you need their services however don’t respond to multiple emails and phone calls.

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