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Fraud Course details! Fake Academy, misleading information!

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Published: 21 November 2018

Posted by: Liam

Do not get fooled by the fraud Online Trading Academy. They are just after your money and do not have any interest in actually providing you quality information about anything. I and my friend have faced the consequences of the paid orientation service they provide that even guarantees you with a refund facility but after 3 days of wasting your time, there you get to know that you won’t receive the refund. What kind of policy is this? Fake academy just ripping off cash from innocent people!

If I had known they are going to do such a thing, I would never have paid for it at first place. This is just so bad, people can never rely on such academies that are running after the money of people. We were told at the time of payment for the orientation that we can ask for a refund if we were not satisfied. They never said that it was only applicable if we asked for a refund after the first day only. This is so not done, we had been cheated by this academy. The first day went well and we didn’t know that the second day would unfold the main details, we went excitedly to take part in the orientation’s second day let alone to realize that the course they were offering was of $ 55, 000 and we could never afford it, and it was quite obvious.

When we asked the organizers that we want the refund as we cannot buy the course and so we did not find the orientation useful, they directly said that it is not possible as it was only applicable for people who asked for a refund at the end of the first day. From the second day onwards, the refund policy becomes void. This is so bad. Now, I and my friend feel cheated for money. You all are providing misleading information to the users that is so bad on your part when you should be very clear from the beginning.
Not only this, we were promised that all of us would be given free flash drives and tablets. But to our surprise, we have received neither of the two. Everything was just a big web of lies that was set to rip off money from us. Whenever we called, we were either hanged up by their rude staff or told that you will receive them soon without any real sign of getting them. This is completely wrong and you cannot get away with this like that. This treatment with your potential clients can harm your business and bring you negative results.

You all are just running a business in which you are looting money from people by organizing such orientations to lure people and do fraud with them I wonder what might have happened with the students who opted for that course. It is just nuisance. You all are lying on our faces with your big lies. No one deserves such treatment. I will surely complain about you because you all are fraud people, deceiving people for their money is all you do and I won’t let you continue this with others.

I have already completed my online research on how you all are into this dirty game of fooling people with your fake orientations and cheat them with your strategies. You all have lost your moral ethics and the very humanity but you will not be spared. I have gone through all your company reviews and I know that all the positive ones are fake because we have seen with our own eyes how you all behave with your clients. You cannot get away with this. Your BBB reviews are a clear sign of your fraudulence and how you all are tricking people to take money from them without imparting the service they deserve.

If I had known that all this is for money, I would never have asked my friend to join it too. I will write a letter to the concerned authorities to take strict actions against you people who are just after other people’s money and don’t consider anything else above it. How cheap can you be! I will try every means possible to spread a word about your real face and expose it to the world. You cannot just make fool of people and take money from them to run away.

I have already told all my other friends and relatives about how you all are into this business of taking money from other people and making fake and misleading commitments to people and once you get the cash, you don’t care about providing your service and ignore the person completely. You just wait and watch, you will have to face severe consequences soon.

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