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Published: 07 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Onisa sound art is currently operating in the USA. As stated by the company it brings a new way to enjoy your music whether they are Bluetooth speakers, or they are ceiling speakers. But before they commit anything they should firstly satisfy the needs and demands of their customers. Lately, their customers are not happy about their services due to miss commitment, bad services, and poor product quality. Onisa is an emerging company and thus it should first focus on delivering premium products according to their customers demand. Customers have rated Onisa sound art very poor because they have not delivered what they commit. Customers seek for good quality, better staff; good customer service and lately Onisa sound art have unable to deliver it. I had ordered a product and received a completely different one. I am still asking for the refund or replacement of the product but there is no response from the company. I have been trying to contact them for almost over 2 months now but still, there is no answer from them. This is a virtue of bad customer service from Onisa Sound Art where it looks like the only thing it matters to them is money only and not customer satisfaction. Lately, it’s been noticed that Onisa Sound art is lacking in customer service and they are unable to solve the problems of their customers that’s why customers are unhappy from their products and services. Miss commitment should be avoided especially with your customers because at last, they are the one you need to care about. But Onisa hasn’t done too well especially in delivering of what they commit. One of the customers bought a speaker from them, as he realized that product quality is bad, sound volume is very low, sound quality lacks any significant bass, and has no high end. Moreover, they also commit that you can also use this as a home theater but as the speakers were mono and cannot hook up with a home theater system so this made the customer unhappy and he had no other option despite to return them as they were just unlistenable. Customers become frustrated when they are not delivered to what they are committed earlier. Such as one of the customers purchased a custom print from Onisa Sound Art in Las Vegas, The salesman told him he would get his desired print in time. But later he was told that picture couldn’t work the one he asked for. He asked for the refund but since he is trying to get in touch with one of the staff members of the company. He managed to get a hold of the company owner and asked him for the refund. The company owner promised him that he would get his refund and the customer still hasn’t gotten it. There is been a problem with Onisa Sound Art lately and many other customers have reported them to be frauds. Companies like Onisa Sound Art seem to keep your money and not provide with you anything.

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