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My mom does not want to visit this place again and she is very unhappy with it.

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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

People want to make sure that they always look great whether it’s about their nails, their dental hygiene or any other thing else. They can spend thousands of dollars on it just to make it look excellent. If I talk about myself I would never compromise on my style and my health and can even go beyond the way to get it. But all we want from the nail bars or other facilities is to get flawless services from them in terms of their customer service, their surroundings should be clean, and the staff should be professional. Onyx Nail Bar is one of the nail salons which are operating in Dallas, Texas. They claim to have one of the best professionals to treat their customers, they also claim that they offer one of the best packages around the town as compare to other services, but according to me and if you would ask their other customers, you will get the same answer that Onyx Nail Bar has completely failed to deliver customer satisfaction, their staff is rude and don’t know how to treat their customers, most of the customer also complained about their service charging policy, said that they charge too much as compared to other nail bars in the town and still they don’t deliver what the commit. That’s why most of the customers have decided to find other alternatives as they are much cheaper than Onyx Nail Bar.
I am living in the locality near cedar springs apartment I have to confront many peoples who have shown their concern towards Onyx Nail Bar. I think that you should do scams with your customer because they are the one by which you are making your bread and butter, but lately one of my neighbors told us that they once visit Onyx Nail Bar and they had a terrible experience over there. She said that they are scammers and liars and always try to make money from the pockets of customers by forge means. She went on to say that her card was charged twice by Onyx Nail Bar, she showed them her bank portal but the manager at the Onyx Nail Bar refused the claim she made. She was very disappointed with she was treated at Onyx Nail Bar and never wished to visit again ever in her entire lifetime.
My mom recently paid a visit to Onyx Nail Bar and she was also unhappy with the services of Onyx Nail Bar. She said that she booked with a guy a name Dennis but its fourth time and they always gave her a different specialist. My mom had an appointment at 12:15 but the guy didn’t come until 2, as my mom is a business owner and she also has to deal with the clients, she had to cancel an appointment with her client which was scheduled at 3 because she was not able to reach her office in time. Well after the treatment she noticed that her nails were thick and wide.

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