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The most horrible experience!

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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I recently went to Open and Affordable Dental because I am a 40-year-old male and my teeth are turning yellowish with time, therefore after weeks of research, I decided to go there. I wanted to look and smile the way I did back in the old days. I made an appointment with the dentist for the next day. This appointment turned out to be the worst for me because of the horrible treatment done to me.

I went to the clinic on time and was kept waiting for more than 2 hours because the place was already crowded by many patients. The management had a serious issue which needs to be fixed, otherwise, no one would like to come to the place and wait for a couple of hours for their turn to come, even after making an appointment. The crowd was too much and it was almost over packed therefore I was standing the whole time in the clinic because the chairs were preoccupied. Finally, it was my turn so I went inside the room hurriedly because I was already getting late for my work. The doctor was sitting in his chair, basically busy in his cell phone so I had to start the conversation on my own. I started telling all the problems I had including the yellowish colour of my teeth, but the doctor seemed least interested and was busy on his cell phone, in a loud voice I told him that I am getting late and took a half-day leave from my working hour. To that, he said, “That’s not my problem, you have to wait until I am ready”. Then he asked me whether I had paid the fee in the reception corner, to which I replied,  “of course I have” this made me think that the doctor is more concerned about his fee rather than his unhealthy patient.

20 minutes passed since I entered the room and all he did was “get himself ready” for the treatment. The dentist then took out a flashlight and made me open my mouth to such an extent that it started to pain after some time. I asked if I cloud close my mouth for a while to which he replied, “it will take a lot of time if you become restless, please cooperate.” Therefore I had to wait for half an hour in the same posture so that he could complete his procedure without any hindrance. It took him 2 more hours to complete his work totally, and after that when I checked out my teeth in the mirror I found a very little difference and the yellowness was not gone totally, I was wondering what he did for 3 long hours. My tooth still hurt a lot, virtually nothing was done by the doctor. It seemed that the doctor was more interested in his cell phone rather than paying attention to his patients. It proved to be such a horrible experience for me and I would never ever come to this place neither would suggest anyone to be here for their dental problems.

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