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Published: 17 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

At the request of Vietnam-based Website Developer Open Digital, I submitted a proposal in December 2014 to revise and create text for the Hybrid Model section of the Open Digital website. Adam Eastburn, Open Digital’s Managing Director, accepted my proposal and authorized me to proceed. After receiving the pre-agreed one-third deposit, I commenced with the work, which was delivered, accepted and used by Open Digital in January 2015. PayPal issued and invoice for the remaining two-thirds balance due, and Mr. Eastburn emailed me stating the payment would be made the week of January 19, 2015. Despite my sending numerous emails and PayPal issuing reminder notices, I have heard nothing whatsoever from either Open Digital or Eastburn. Chronology of Events December 20, 2014: I sent my standard introductory email to Open Digital. The email is used to introduce myself and make website developers aware of my English Language Editing & Writing services, which are intended to adapt websites and marketing materials for doing business in English-speaking markets. December 21: Adam Eastburn of Open Digital’s Managing Director l responded indicating the timing was excellent, since Open Digital was developing a sales program for its new Hybrid Model project, and would need copywriting assistance. Eastburn requested my rates, which I promptly forwarded by email, along with writing samples and professional references. Shortly thereafter, Eastburn responded stating he would like to try my services, and asked what I would need to begin. I replied indicting a rough draft of the proposed text, along with any other information available on the Hybrid Model project, would help in preparing a proposal. I also pointed out that a one-third deposit of a mutually agreed upon fee would be required prior to my beginning the work. Eastburn emailed the information I had requested, indicating the work would need to be completed by January 5, 2015, inasmuch as Open Digital planned to launch its new website in mid-January. Eastburn further indicated that he anticipated my services would also be needed to assist with the text of Open Digital’s new website and rewriting their other sales and marketing materials. December 22, 2014: I emailed Eastburn to acknowledging receipt of the information I had requested, and also to let him know that meeting their January 5 deadline should not be a problem. My proposal to revise all content of the Open Digital Hybrid Model for US$545.00 was emailed to Adam December 22. December 23: Not having heard from him, I again emailed asking if he needed further information or clarification of the proposal, and pointing out that I would need to begin soon in order to meet his January 5 deadline. December 26: Eastburn responded that initially only certain sections of the Hybrid Model would need revising, but that further revisions would be needed later. He requested a revised proposal for the reduced scope of work, and stated that the required one-third deposit would be paid December 29. December 27: I requested clarification of the revised scope of the work, which was necessary to avoid possible misunderstandings and prepare an amended proposal. Eastburn promptly emailed the clarifications. December 28: I submitted a revised proposal to make the limited revisions for $US145, indicating that I would need his authorization to proceed as soon as possible in order to meet his January 5 deadline. Eastburn emailed his authorization to proceed, with instructions that the invoice for one-third deposit should be sent to Ms. Vu Ni A, Open Digital’s Chief Accountant and CFO. Eastburn subsequently sent an email to Ms. Vu Ni A and me explaining to Ms. Vu Ni A that I would be assisting with the Hybrid Model, and instructing her to work out the payment details directly with me. I advised Ms. Ni A that I preferred to be paid through PayPal. December 29: The one-third deposit of US$43.50, and I began working on the revisions. January 2, 2015: Eastburn email from Adam asking if a draft of my work was available for review, to which I replied that the work was in progress, and my first draft would be sent to him January 4th or 5th. January 4: The first draft of my revisions were emailed to Eastburn, who acknowledged receipt and indicated he would create a document incorporating my work, but would need me to check the spelling and grammar. January 5: I notified Eastburn that I had questions on some items in his document, which he clarified by email. Eastburn subsequently requested that I further modify a small portion of the Hybrid Model content, stating that “everything else is OK”. January 6: I emailed the Open Digital Hybrid Model final revisions to Eastburn, indicating that if further minor revisions were needed, I would, of course, make them. January 12: Not having heard from Eastburn after sending my final draft on January 6, I emailed him stating that since I had heard nothing to the contrary, I assumed the revisions were acceptable as submitted. January 18: Still not having heard from Eastburn, I emailed him stating that if minor items that still needed changing, I would, of course, My email also requested that the final payment of US$101.50 be paid to my PayPal account. Eastburn responded that he would arrange for my payment to be paid the week of January 19. Contrary to his assurances, I have heard nothing whatsoever from Adam Eastburn or Netwise since January 18. I was unexpectedly hospitalized for three weeks in late January and consequently did not attempt to contact Open Digital regarding the past-due payment until emailing Eastburn March 2 reminding him that he had promised the payment would be made the week on January 18, and advising him that PayPal had sent a Reminder Notice. Eastburn failed to respond. I emailed Eastburn again March 6 requesting an update as to the status of my payment. Once again, I did not receive a reply. On March 12, I emailed Eastburn expressing my surprise at his failure to pay or otherwise respond to me. I further indicated that his continued failure to respond could result in the involvement of outside third parties. I visited the Open Digital website, and learned that Eastburn and Ms. Vu Ni A (Open Digital’s CFO /Chief Accountant) had additional email addresses of which I had not been aware. I then emailed Eastburn at both addresses with copies to Ms. Vu Ni A and Ms. Elle Arial, Open Digital’s APAC Sales Director. I expressed dismay at Eastburn’s failure to respond to either my several emails or the numerous past due reminders sent by PayPal. I again reminded him that based upon his December 2014 authorization, I completed the revisions in good faith, which were sent to and accepted by him in early January 2015. I further reminded him that his January 18 email promised payment would be made the week of January 19. Lastly, I pointed out that my work had been uploaded to and continues to appear word for word on the Open Digital website. In summary, I have heard nothing whatsoever from Adam Eastburn or Open Digital since January 18, and am consequently posting this information to perhaps prevent others from being similarly victimized by Adam Eastburn and /or Open Digital. Copies of emails are available that confirm each statement I have made in this posting. .

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