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No Business Model! No Work Ethics! Horrible company!

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Published: 21 November 2018

Posted by: derrick

I and my friend who used to work as contractors with OPES Financial Solutions has been terribly cheated by this company. They are just a bunch of unprofessional guys who are working hard to make money by their good-for-nothing strategies. These strategies are just so fake that they do not have any base. They are just lying and forming a large web of lies by forming various faulty strategies. Do not get caught into any of these lies. No one has any knowledge about anything and everyone will just waste your precious time providing rubbish ideas.

This company is full of fraudsters and is a complete wreck with no right approach of doing business in the people. They have no leadership abilities and are standing on fake allegations by the people. These people are just deceivers and only play different types of tricks to do business. These people have no sense and are only after the money of other people. Even their marketing policies are full of fraudulence and are founded on the principles of fraud happening in everything they do. No one should trust on anything they say, they are all about being fake.

The ideas and plans they provide are all formed behind approaching one’s friends and family members which is not the right approach. Not only this, the entire management lacks professional ethics and relies on top of the lies about the different compensation policies and guidelines about its promotion. There is no proper business model that is followed in order to get the proper analysis of work to be done. All the people are relying on cheating and other inabilities to get the real system in place or any right support facility in any way.

When I met Rake Murray, the owner of this firm for the first time, and asked for a perfect strategy to grow the existing work, I got suspicious with the ways he talked and explained his approaches. He asked me to put in $ 250 for something I wasn’t even sure of. But their fake tactics and company policies made me put that amount into it and the worst part was their so-called 90 minutes BOM that actually made me hate the company more. I had to waste my 2 and a half hours listening to a plan that was not even worth my time. The plan revolved around how our friends and families can put forward our money and join hands together for formulating one plan.
I hate the company, and of all the time I spent there, I didn’t like anything, the work environment is so unprofessional that no one would want to work in any such company. The company has no standard policies and are selling rubbish in the names of the BEST BUSINESS PLAN. It was quite late when I actually understood that they were ripping me off as well. I never thought that they would do that to me as well.

Although I knew everything they did with other people and how they behave as hypocrites in front of their clients and at the back, abuse them. No one should ever come into the business with this company. All the people in this company are just cranky and think people are a fool and can be made more fool. But Sorry, You are wrong sir. We clearly understand the things you do. We will never recommend your Poor strategy and services to anyone ever. You all are fraudsters who have a never-ending desire for money and will do anything to acquire it. It is better that everyone stays away from you.

I clearly warn you, do not ever engage yourself with this company ever. All you will receive is fake and empty things. There is no customized plan, everything is planned strategically beforehand. Nothing is real. When I left working with this company, I used to read the reviews of this company left by the former contractors working here, they have told the truth there. People may or may not know it. But it is absolutely right. These people have no tactics to behave and run a company.
Why don’t you leave the business? Because you won’t stand here for long. This office will soon get closed, I am sure. Because no one deserves such pathetic behavior that you all portray. People need high-end ideas not such cheap people to serve their needs. There is no meaning of opening a business if you don’t know the right way to operate it and have no professional ethics to work in an environment. If I had known about this company before, I would have never come into the business with this company before. Shameless and rubbish People!

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