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Published: 16 February 2018

Posted by: cindy bremner

card not loading or not a load offer sign to press, last week did say loaded however I do not see where points were added from last weekends shopping. Also this is the only store that makes you type in card number every time. for example superstore says load offers now, I simply press that and my offers are loaded., no card number required. Today I tried to load and just pressed the milk load one and it did not work. Why are they all individual? we should be able to load them all with one click and just buy what we want. I will not be shopping there except for prescription until this is fixed. Feel free to go back over this year with my card to check my points. Also I hurt myself on your door at franklin avenue. who ever owns it is trying to cut down on their electric bill. The automatic doors are always turned off. I felt a catch in my back when I pushed it open, a few days later I was in emergency, after xray and ultra sound it was discovered I have arthritis in my spine. So having to push these heavy doors open is not good for my health. I can only imagine the seniors trying to open them.

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