Option Racing TT Motor Retail and Wholesale

Option Racing TT Motor Retail and Wholesale Review

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Published: 15 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Contacted Seller and informed them that the product they shipped did not fit correctly. They emailed in response noting/agreeing that the part would not fit per OEM spec. Seller knowingly sold the part to me with full knowledge that the part would not fit as the OEM antenna should. When I inquired the seller offered a $5 refund. It will cost me more than $5 to replace the part. Asked seller if they sold correct part, they assured me they did and offered a generic replacement motor and antenna – NOT OEM. I requested that seller send a shipping invoice and I would return the item. Shipping to them will cost at least 50% of the item and I will then have to replace with correct part. Upon denying my request for shipping label and informing them I would pursue this with Ebay and through feedback they smugly informed me they would not pay for shipping and would communicate through a case. I have emails from seller showing they openly admit selling me the WRONG part. How is that my fault and my cost to bear in returning the item? They lied and now they don’t want to make it right. I am requesting postage and a full refund for the part. My first inquiry: The item you sent me is supposed to work on a 1995 Acura Legend GS. It does not. While all the parts fit the antenna does not lower all the way down as expected. Antenna comes down but stops 1 1/2″ to 2″ from being completely down. Did I miss something in the install? Seller then requested a photo showing the problem. I complied with photo the next day. Seller’s reply: Hello, Thank you we are sorry to hear that i believe this antenna isnt the flush on when retracted. Can you send us a photo showing the issue best you can see if we can check what the issue is or if thats how its supposed to be thank you Best regards, TUNING IMPORT Seller’s reply upon sending photo. They offered partial refund or full refund I had to incur the shipping cost. Seller: Reply ok yes that is the correct, the black rubber part is the lowest it will go. If you like we can issue you a refund if this isnt what you wanted. the antennas the retract all the way flush are sold with the motor Seller then smugly informed me to open a case and we could communicate through ebay. Noted in numerous feedback submissions that this appears to be common with this seller. .

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These two low lifes cant be trusted! i trusted them and they taken advantage of me leaving me out of pocket almost one thousand pounds. |


When I spoke to this tony guy he was a very nice, and very knowledgable. He assured me the truck was in Excellent condition. Well, after

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