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OptioNow are shameless rip offs! Bloody tricksters!

You should never venture into a new territory without gaining experience or hiring an industry expert. My intentions were right. However, I paid the price for trusting people. I shouldn’t say I was tricked but cheated after what OptioNow did to me. I hired someone to help me with technical know-how of things. They turned out to be biggest cheaters you could ever find.
I was excited to witness emerging possibilities in online currency trading. To be honest, I was purely driven by the prospect of making money. I’d no past experience or expertise in it. A guy named George sent me a mail introducing his company OptioNow. One thing led to another and I opened an account with them in less than 24 hours.
The day was 25th January and I was coming back from St. Peter Church. I’ll introduce myself before the awkward moment where we don’t know the name and we’ve already reached half-way. You can call me Simon. There was some spare money and it has been lying for some time. I started learning from about binary trading. I made some profit on first day.
I got busy. For a week or so, I didn’t pay attention to other mails. I checked my bank account the following week. On two occasions, I was charged for something I was completely unaware of. Do you want to know what it was all about? OptioNow was behind it. They’re fraudsters. They’re after my money. I got panicked.
I called George. The thing I feared the most was coming true. He started ignoring my calls. I called customer service team to get some explanation (+44-20-33181249). The mails ([email protected]) also went blank. I became so furious I broke a water glass in my hands. I don’t remember the last time I was burning with this kind of fire. They took my cash. They cheated and betrayed my trust.
George and OptioNow were going to pay a price for that. I decided to chase them and expose them to public. The only reason why people like me get tricked is because these guys don’t value trust. I consider them a race lower to animals. These guys have loyalty issues.
These guys are terrible. It was a very bad example to set. I’ve shared the details on several relevant sites. I want to make it difficult for scammers like OptioNow to find new clients.
The fraud artists should be made to sit down on knees and plead for mercy. There should be a different kind of punishment set for them in constitution. They’re doing no favor to industry by breaking trust for vested interests.

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