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Published: 12 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

These guys are not only an extremely shady operation, but very likely straight up crooks. I deposited $100, which I then turned into $2700 over the course of two weeks. And have been trying for the last two weeks to make a withdrawal, and it is quite impossible. For some reason they have capped the amount I can withdraw at about $1000 less than my balance, and have completely avoided explaining why. I have spent no less than 1 hour per day, usually 2, trying to get ahold of customer support, to no avail. After 2 weeks of this, here is what you can expect. -Hour+ waits on the phone, at which point, most calls are just disconnected. After 7 attempts, I still have not gotten through to a Customer Service rep. The Closest I’ve gotten was my calls was ‘answered’ but all i could hear was loud music and people laughing and talking. It sounded like a party. And then of course, the call was disconnected. -2 hour+ waits on live chat. Whenever I actually get through to a rep, they will say that they are going to look into my issue, and then exit the chat immediately. -Emails are never, and I mean never responded to. I have sent more than 10 over the last two weeks. Not a single reply. -Speaking with the ‘brokers’ is like talking to a street vendor selling stolen rolexes. Every question I ask is responded to with blatant dismissal, followed by a very sleazy attempt at getting me to deposit more money. My initial deposit was $100, and they’re trying to get me to deposit $3000! They even tried convince me to take out new credit cards, or loans, to use as deposits. When I decline their offers, I am abruptly hung up on. -Truly pathetic excuses from brokers as to why they are never available. 3 different brokers I’ve been trying to contact this week have been “”sick”” or “”leave work early”” or “”been in meetings.”” -ALL of them have thick, clumsy, middle eastern accents, yet their names are “”Adam Smith,”” “”Mark Goldman,”” “”Philip Smith,”” and “”Scott Martin.”” DO NOT deposit with these guys. They are unregulated, and shady as all hell. There are countless more reputable Binary Brokers out there. Do some research and find one that is regulated (OptionsXO is not), and try to get in touch with their customer service before depositing, so you know you can actually reach them.

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