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Published: 04 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I had been having some trouble with my eyes lately. Everything seemed a bit blurry. I had never experienced anything like that before and that got me worried. I had friends who wore spectacles and when I told them about it, they told me to get my eyes checked as soon as possible. I did not waste any time and looked up for nearby eye clinics. The very first name that showed up was Optometric Specialties Inc. The name was familiar as one of my colleagues had suggested me to go there too. I called the place and booked an appointment.
After a week, the date arrived. I went to the place and asked the receptionist about my appointment. It seemed as if she was lost in a different world. I had to knock on the wood to get hold of her attention. She checked the list of patients and then told me that it would take some time for my turn to come. After almost an hour of waiting and noticing negative details of the clinics such as open bins and rusty equipment, my turn finally came and went into the doctor’s chamber. The moment I stepped into the room, I sneezed so loudly that I almost fell. I don’t know how but there was way too much dust in there. Anyways, I sat down and told the doctors all about my problem. He took a reading board and placed it a distance and told me to read it. Whenever I said the wrong alphabet, he shouted at me. This took around twenty minutes. After that, he put into my eyes an eyedrop which caused a burning sensation. I could hardly see anything. After this, he made me lie and shone a yellow-coloured torchlight in front of my eyes. Tears kept coming out of my eyes and even when I told him to stop, he did not. After this horrific session, he told me that I would need to wear glasses. He wrote the power of the spectacles on a piece of paper and told me to go and purchase a suitable frame along with lenses of the listed power from the clinic’s shop. He insisted me to buy them only from the clinic’s shop and when I told him that I would need to go to other shops as well to compare the prices, he replied that he would not give me the power unless I buy from the clinic’s own spectacles store. I had no option but to purchase them from their shop.
This was one of the worst experiences I have ever had. I would recommend people to stay away from this because of the following reasons: The staff is inefficient; the doctor is unprofessional and all that the people care about is snatching away money from people without providing a good quality inspection and treatment. The power prescribed by the doctor was not correct and I had to go to another eye clinic to get a proper check-up of my eyes. Once again I would like to say this – Do not go to Optometric Specialties Inc.

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