Orange Psychiatric Associates

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Better to stay away from those goons!

Dr. Dholakia and his entire clinic called Orange Psychiatric Associates is a sham. He gives terrible and misogynistic advice and doesn’t know how to prescribe medicine to the patients. He made me suicidal and called me weak and God knows what. Avoid this guy and his clinic and you’d be much better. I had visited Orange Psychiatric Associates when I was going through a bad breakup. The experience was just as horrible as my breakup was. I had recently discovered that my boyfriend was cheating on me with one of my friends and I was devastated. Everyone had suggested me to go into therapy and I had chosen this place. They seemed like good professionals online. They have a website and plenty of positive reviews so I didn’t think they’d be pathetic. But just after my first session, I knew this place sucked. The therapist, Dr. Dholakia, didn’t even listen to me properly. He was constantly distracted by his phone. He would ask me to repeat the stuff I had said because he didn’t catch it the first time. I was telling him about horrible I felt and how I discovered that my boyfriend was cheating on me. And he was focused on his phone. Therapy is supposed to make you feel better but I only felt worse. He then started asking me a few questions and after the session was over, I was left with more questions in my mind than with I had visited the place. He didn’t prescribe any medicine instead told me to visit him for 3-4 weeks. I visited him for some time but I could see that he wasn’t handling my case with any seriousness. I was getting more and more depressed and visiting that clinic was only worsening my condition. My parents thought that visiting a clinic was supposed to be treating my condition. Everyone thought I was lying when I said this place was only making matters worse for me. No one realized that I was actually getting depressed because of this place. I wish no one faces the situation I faced because of this clinic.

He kept saying that I didn’t need any medication. He told me that I should take a higher ground and discuss this scenario with my ex-boyfriend. I stopped going to him after such ridiculous advice and nonsense. He had made a slight remark that there might’ve been something missing in my relationship which led my boyfriend to cheat on me. That was way above the line. For a guy to be this misogynistic and heartless, I don’t think he should be allowed to be a shrink. I ended up going to another clinic where I’m getting the necessary medications. I don’t have to worry about my mental health anymore because I have stopped going to Orange Psychiatric Associates. These people are just a bunch of goons who know nothing about running a clinic. Dr. Dholakia is a horrible psychiatrist and I would highly recommend you to AVOID THIS PLACE.

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