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Published: 03 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Orchard Crest Apartments 5808 Hannah Pierce Road West University Place, WA 98467 253-473-5919 253-475-2767 Fax http://www.pinnacleams.com/main/property_listings/property_detail.aspx?state=WA&city=Seattle http://www.pinnacleams.com/OrchardCrestApartments/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Orchard-Crest/130284153808884 I would avoid any property owned and managed by Pinnacle and that includes Orchard Crest Apartments in University Place, WA. I rented one of their units there and found a number of problems with the units as well as the staff: The unit was not habitable at all since the heat did not work nor did the outlets: The units have electric baseboard heat, with wall mounted mechanical thermostats, three zones, one in each of two bedrooms and the third zone in the living and dining room areas. Not ONE thermostat worked, either they are on or off. This meant you had to turn them on, wait till you were warm, then turn them off, making it impossible to leave the unit to vacation or even go out for a day or two. The thermostats used were single pole units, these heaters are wired with two hot phases, 120V each side, 120 degrees out of phase, giving you 208V from phase to phase, that means that even when the unit is turned off and the thermostat is not calling for heat, the units are hot with 120V being present. A hazard since you can get a hand or foot under there to make contact with the units. I had a complete 8 foot run burned out and the girls turned up the heat when I was there and then lied to me telling me this unit worked and it did not when we did the move in inspection. The right way to do this it to replace the broken thermostats, replace them with digital double pole units and break both sides since both phases are present in the boxes as well. Cost is about $30 per unit. Big deal. The cost to replace the whole 8 foot heater was $65 delivered to my door UPS. Again, big deal. All of the electrical outlets were worn out, some with broken bodies, I found wall switches broke in two also, items plugged into the outlets would just fall out. GFIs in the bathroom had NO GROUND at all on them, close to 30 outlets had to be removed and replaced to have working power in the unit. You really should stop there since you don’t have a place you can live in. But read on. The washing machine drain hose was just loosely shoved on with no clamp holding it, doing a load of wash would have it pump water all over the floor, again no GFI on that outlet either. The dryer outlet was broken and wired wrong. The shower diverter leaked water all the time. You are told you are billed for water usage but it is billed all the same for everyone assuming you use over 6,000 gallons per month in water. Absurd. One person can not use that much water. USPS does not pick up there for some reason, so asking them to pick up a parcel or priority mail piece on their website has them tell you they don’t service that address. There is no outgoing mail box there to mail letters. We are told we can walk a mile into town to mail them at a box there. You are expected despite all the water waste and heat that does not work, to recycle things, and by that walk a mile to the bin way up front. You have what look to be Hobo Spiders and Brown Recluse running around there, not one thing is sealed in the units and these pests run in and out all day long. Inspecting the kitchen lamp showed that whoever installed it just bashed a bunch of holes in the drywall with a hammer to vent and wire it, and of course the critters come and go as they please with this style of repairs being done. They seem not to know what caulking is. Repair staff just wanders around all day doing nothing, despite the fact the apartment is not habitable, you have an all Hispanic lawn mowing team there 2 times a week cutting grass that is not really any taller than the last time they were there, also blowing leaves around the parking lot and tending to nice flower beds. Insane. I guess we can live in the pool? Not one attempt was made to fix anything,

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