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Published: 18 May 2019

Posted by: Mitchell Johnson Sr.

We have always been regarded as the love-deprived generation. Also, it is true to some extent because it is in our generation that online dating websites have come up in such large numbers. While online dating apps are highly appealing to the younger generation, what about the older ones? With time, there has been a significant rise in online dating websites for the older generation as well.

OurTime is a prominent website aimed for singles over 50 years of age. To begin using the app, you need to sign up with a free account and enter all the required details such as your name and email address. Like every other dating app, you will need to write a short bio about yourself and upload the picture. There are different questions about your personal preference that you will need to answer. Also, if you want to attract people to your profile, do not forget to mention how your looks are.




After signing up, you will get immediate access to the dashboard with the list of people who checked your profile, the number of matches (also referred to as Instant Match), inbox and more. The dashboard will give you complete access to the website. Also, you will get a list of people available for live chat. Most of the OurTime chats begin with Flirts and then proceed forward if the other person is interested. OurTime is a great way to meet and interact with new people.

Sounds interesting, right? But is it? Well, let me tell you a few things.


Pricing and Refund Policy

Before you know how OurTime functions, let us have a thorough look at the pricing and refund policies. If you are a first-timer, know that it is free. So, you don’t need to pay any extra charges. But with time, you will need to upgrade to the paid membership if you want to access the email, live chat, and more.

What is included in different plans?

OurTime has different pricing plans for various months. This is done to meet the requirements of the users. The different pricing plans include the following

  • 1-month: For $29.99, you will get mobile access.
  • 6-month standard plan: For $88.94, you will get mobile access. The benefit is that you will need to pay less as per the monthly basis
  • 6- month Best value: For $107.94, you can message, read notification,  get a profile, and get message highlight along with mobile access.

If you do not cancel your subscription, the plan will get renewed all by itself. To avoid this, you will need to reach out to the company. Therefore, you should be careful about the cancellation.

Do you get Tokens?

Most of the online dating websites offer you tokens. This helps you stay in touch and use the website accordingly. If you want to use OurTime, you will need to purchase tokens. Some of the tokens you will need to boost up your profile include the following

  • 25 Tokens: $0.99
  • 110 Tokens: $3.99
  • 280 Tokens: $9.99

As per the OurTime rules, you should be predominant in maintaining your tokens. If the number of tokens reduces, you will need to pay a similar price to get it. Therefore, a little ignorance can further prove to be damaging as you will continuously be charged for it.

Can you believe online dating websites?

Well, most of the online dating websites are nothing less than scams. You may come across different websites who will do fraud with you and charge you unnecessary money. One negative point of online dating websites is that most of them do not even verify the information and do not check whether it is true or fake.

Therefore, if you are using these online dating websites, you will have no idea whether they are genuine or fake. As a result, you can check the safety dating tips and rules and regulations to avoid any inconvenience.


Do I support OurTime?

Well, if you are to ask me if I support them or not, my answer would be a BIG NO. Everyone of us has bad experiences, but that does not mean they are any less competent. However, it is not only me but others as well who have had pretty bad experiences with OurTime. Before telling you about everyone else, let me tell you why I am against them!

My wife died a few years back, and ever since her death; I have been devastated. Honestly, my life became slow, and loneliness became predominant in my life. I would stay alone late at night and cherish the memories I had with my wife. Also, due to the absence of my child, I was more alone. When my son visited me, he knew that I was sad and lonely. And, he asked me to checkout OurTime.com.

He was the one to explain to me the benefits and working of the website. Since I wasn’t a man of technology, I did not pay much heed to it. But my son was adamant he kept on forcing me to try it. So, one day I decided to give it a shot. As I did not attend any get-togethers, I thought maybe chatting would be a great way to pass the time. Undoubtedly, online dating websites were my great escape.

I just wanted to try it, so I decided to sign up for only a month. Once I did that, I was advised to visit the upsell link. Although it did appear as bait to me, I did not suspect it much. As per the website instructions, I thought they would be charging us every month and will be able to cancel my subscription anytime I want.

But, the greatest turn point came when I realized that all of it was fake. The site is nothing less than a sweet lie. Everything that you see is fallacy covered in truth. Although they allowed free sign-up, to access the features, I needed to sign up with a plan. Accordingly, I did sign up using their one-month subscription plan. But the main problem was even after signing up; I needed to wait to meet the requirements and terms.

Initially, I noticed that a lot of people showed interest in me. Therefore, I thought maybe this is one great way to start. Within the first day itself, my dashboard was filled with requests and messages. All of it was new and fascinating to me. While I seemed to enjoy it, my dreams broke when I came to my true senses. Originally, everything that I saw on my dashboard was fraud, fake, and scam.

How would you feel if three different people told you the same story about how they came across you on the same day within a matter of hours? Weird, right? That’s exactly what happened to me. In the website, three different women told me the same story of coming across me by chance and immediately becoming interested in me. But, one thing to notice was that they shared the interest of their acquaintances in me.

I am a very old-school man and ain’t interested in such stuff. The absence of my wife had made things pretty difficult for me. However, I was trying to cope up with the loss. Talking to these online strangers seemed like relief from everything. Truly, I forgot about my loneliness. However, amidst all this, I failed to realize that all of it could have been a scam. As I said earlier that it sounds weird, but at that moment it didn’t feel weird. I was going with the flow.

Some of the users with whom I was chatting said that they would be deleting the id, so they won’t be able to get in touch with me. However, they suggested chatting outside the platform, via email. Well, since I was new to it and had found some friends, I thought sharing mail id may be the best way to stay in touch. So, I asked for their email addresses from everyone. They sent and were very curious to talk to me. Honestly, I felt a little taken aback by their curiosity.

After thinking a lot and careful consideration, I did send a mail to a lady. She received and replied. However, I was still on the platform and guess what? Another user with a different name provides me a similar id claiming it to be hers. At this point of time, I knew something was wrong. I felt violated, cheated, and unsafe. Therefore, I reached out to the customer care of OurTime. They were very responsive to let me know that they cannot help me.

Another solution that struck me was to delete my account. Was I able to do it? No. There are no cancellation options. Since I wanted a cancellation, I needed to reach out to their experts. These customer care people were very rude and unresponsive. Neither were they answering the phone calls, nor replying to email. This got me extremely frustrated. Therefore, I thought of contacting my son in the hope that he would be able to help me.

My son reached out to their customer service, and they behaved very poorly and arrogantly. The potential option I had was to delete my account. So, I made my mind and decided to reach out to them for cancellation. I had made a great deposit of $120 to get myself registered. Is this how a client should be treated by customer service? I just wanted my money back.

As soon as I reached out to the team asking for a refund, they said that their group does not allow refunds. Well, I had already lost the money that I paid during sign up. As far as deletion of account was concerned, they refused to do that as well. All of this appeared to be quite annoying. I felt cheated.

Since they refused to help me and said that I should be deleting the account by myself, I decided to do it. The greatest of all shocks came to me when I was unable to delete the account. I searched the internet to look out for ways to delete the account. I followed all the guidelines, only to find that these were applicable only for free accounts and I had a paid account. Thus, I was unable to delete the account. All I could do was to leave using the website. So I did.

All this time, I knew that some other stranger had my email. This thought was eating me up, but then I forgot it after a few days. However, after around two weeks, I continued receiving emails from a strange website. Upon visiting, I found that my id was registered into some website with my name and email id. The image used in the website profile was the same as that of OurTime.com. This was quite frustrating.

I was tired of all that was going on and about losing my money. I reached out to my son, told him about everything that happened, and vouched never to use online dating websites again. He launched a complaint against the website about their behavior and scam. To our disappointment, we did not receive any support and were asked to be careful. Thus, OurTime was a complete waste of time and money.

Post the death of my wife, this entire incident with OurTime.com destroyed me. I was shattered, scared, and vulnerable. I decided to stay off the website and somehow managed to get my account deleted. I would surely say that these people at OurTime.com are the greatest frauds with a much bigger scam than mine. If you want to have a great time, it is better if you avoid OurTime.com and do some research about the website you will be using. Being safe and late is better than being conned.


Are other customers dissatisfied with OurTime.com?

One thing I learned after this scam was that you do not blame yourself for everything that happens around you. While I was thinking that maybe there was a mistake with me in reading their terms and conditions, I realized that it was them who was at fault. And no, I wasn’t the only one who had a bad experience with OurTime.com. A large group of the audience is dissatisfied with OurTime.com. All of them claim that they had a pretty bad experience on the website.




Many review websites post positive reviews about OurTime.com. It may sound convincing, but you should know that most of these are reviews from fake accounts. If you check the authenticity of these websites, you will surely find them to be fake. It is usually the people at OurTime.com paying professional writers to write positive reviews on them. This is one of the most prominent online reputation management techniques.

All these reviews are aimed at attracting members and luring them to sign up only to get them trapped in this vicious scam cycle. Well, a lot of people believe these reviews and fail to check even the basics such as the authenticity of the account, their customer service, refund policies, and more. This proves to be a problem in the future.

But not every review website provides positive reviews. There are a lot of websites that have observed registration of complaint from several users against OurTime.com. This has resulted in the website getting fewer starts from customers.

According to reports, the company handling OurTime.com, People Media Inc., also manages other dating websites who carry out similar frauds. There have been more than 600 registered complaint against all these websites altogether. The time isn’t much far when you will come to know that these fraud dating websites are being taken down for violating the terms and conditions.




I wasn’t the only one who has been the victim to their fraudulent activities. There were others like me. One registered user complained that the company sends out fake flirts to make the users upgrade to new plans. He says that all the flirts were sent to him to make him notice the different activities on his profile. On upgrading the profile and reaching out to concerned people, he found out that they hadn’t messaged him.

He claims that OurTime.com deliberately does it, to make users upgrade to new plans and cons them. He calls People Media and OurTime.com fraud and dishonest people.

Another website user reported that despite being rated to be one of the best dating websites in Canada for people over 50s, he wasn’t satisfied at all with the workings of the website. According to him, the app isn’t user-friendly. He further adds, “Don’t give them your money; it’s not worth it.” Same, brother.


Let’s call an end to it

The lack of professionalism is evident in every aspect of the website. If you aren’t careful enough like me, you will surely be duped. It is up to you to take responsibility for the mistakes you do. If you sign up despite knowing what the website does, you are at fault. If you have been in a similar situation unknowingly, make sure to educate others about it.

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