Outer Banks Distilling

I would recommend everyone to stay as far away from this distillery!

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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I have always been fascinated by factories and their way of working. I could be a factory geek. I have been to many factories and seen the way they manufactured their goods. The conveyor belts, the machines, they never fail to mesmerize me. Since I had never been to a distillery, I decided to take a distillery tour and see how they function or rather make their products. I had always wanted to go to a tasting too and finally, the time had come. After looking for nearby distilleries, I came across Outer Banks Distilling. I decided to go there as it seemed interesting online. I called the place and reserved my tour.
I reached the place early to explore the surroundings. Although the place was beautiful, there was a certain smell that made me want to puke. Then I saw that there were dog feces because of which the foul smell was coming. The time had finally arrived for the tour. We all went in and saw all the equipment meant for distilling. They seemed kind of old as most of them were rusted. We saw fermenters, distillation columns, the condensers, and many other items. Our tour guide introduced us to the people working there. However, it seemed neither the guide nor the workers were interested in any of it. The floor of the place was wet and I slipped and fell and hurt my back when we were going for the wine tasting. Instead of helping me, the tour guide grinned and tried to hide his laugh. I was helped by a fellow visitor. It took me a while to get up as the floor was really hard and it had hurt me badly.
When we went into the tasting room, we found out the AC was broken and there was also a shortage of chairs. I was offered a seat by a man and I thanked him as I could barely stand. The guide came after making us all wait for approximately half an hour. The tasting started. I took a sip and I knew that it had gone bad. Before I could warn everybody not to drink it, they already had. It took them less than a minute to feel uneasy and rush to the bathroom to throw up. Some of them could not keep it in and threw in the tasting room itself. It was probably the worst drink I had ever had. I too felt sick and had to rush out for some open air. I could not understand how such a famous and elite distillery could serve stale drinks and that too, at a tasting. All the people that were inside, came outside furiously and cursed the distillery.
Neither the guide was warm or cordial, nor the staff. They seemed not to care about anything as if they just wanted our money and not us. On top of it all, the drink we went to taste, had gone bad and instead of checking it before serving, they simply served it to us.

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