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Published: 08 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Leon Apel aka Lee Tyler (and another laundry list if names) is not one to trust in business. He is notorious for scamming people and misrepresenting the products he sells ( Garcinia Canbrogia which is not real) My experience with Leon lasted just short of 2 years. During which time I encountered ALOT of disgruntled past partners, all with the same complaint “Leon owes me money”. Leon always assured me he pays everyone (until they decide not to work for his unethical campany anymore). It wasn’t long before I knew this was going to happen to me. Fast forward…. Then it did, this scumbag did not only steal my last check, he attempted to file criminal charges when I tried to collect!!!!!LOL. He is not to be trusted, he is under the influence of one chemical or another. He’s also a racist as well from comments I’ve heard him make about the African American community. Also, if you’re reading this because he asked you to be a “signer” or “director” or “nominee” of one of his companies. DON”T DO IT. It’s a set up and you are putting yourself at serious risk. Leon gained Panamanian citizenship which, 1) excludes him from taxes (not you, you will be liable) 2) he can pretty much continue to bait people in and then screw them over and hide in Panama. And Leon will come back with some bs rebuttal, making personal attacks and possibly submitting altered documents because he thinks he’s above the law. In reality, he’s desparate and confused. No one can go through life ripping people off without having to pay. I URGE EVERY ONE READING THIS TO RESEARCH LEON APEL. You will find his track record. I’m sure this guy will end up in prison.. for a long time

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