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Do not Financially Donate - Period! Hardly Help - At All!

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Published: 16 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymous

The financial assistance Overlake Church offers is pathetic! On the website:http://www.occ.org/aid/, note how the church automatically dictates what they can and cannot help with – right off the bat. Talk about control! This is an indicator that the church does not see each person’s situation as unique to him. Nor has the desire to.

’Passing the buck’ is a tactic often used by government agencies and some churches to circumvent addressing the true nature of reality. Calling ”211” is a classic way churches and government agencies do this to those vulnerable in the community. Overlake Church, specifically states on their website: ”food (we donate to Woodinville Storehouse Foodbank)”. Why would someone living in Redmond go out of town for food? This does not make any sense, whatsoever. It is a ’cover-up’ that the church is not doing its due diligence to truly listen to people and each person’s hardship.

The true nature of reality is that some people may have had: a stroke, illegal lockout, or was in a car accident and temporarily out of work. All of these situations are unforeseeable, and not the result of one’s inability to manage finances.

It is unwise to ’assume.’ Yet, those at Overlake Church do assume. They assume everyone is the same. But, the reality is that no two situations are the same! Maybe you had a falling out with a landlord and need a motel? Maybe you broke down in the area or were visiting a friend and need a new tire or some oil! What about if you are a caregiver for your father who had a stroke and you used much of your own dime to cover his medical costs? Life happens! Apparently, however, this church does not see that life happens. You get shamed for asking for help, and presumed to be financially illiterate. Are you not insulted?

Next, Overlake Church requires one to furnish an ID to receive assistance, and may mandate you attend ’budget’ classes. Um, wow! This showcases the sheer ignorance of the church, as in the aforementioned circumstances, budgeting would have never helped the situation. American medical debt is a major cause of people’s financial strain, and it’s the system – not the person’s inability to properly manage his finances.

Please consider saving your hard earned cash and donate to a real person – like a friend who needs help. Or, the local Methodist Church in Redmond – http://redmondumc.org/. Maybe even put stpulations on the donation – saying, ”I’d like this gift card to go to a single man or woman because I know how much this demographic gets the shaft.” Be specific and see if the church can honor it. If not, seek real people who need help – they are out there and not getting help from any ’system.’

Thanks for reading.

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