OVM Financial, Inc.

I am in a complete mess now, thanks to them!

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Published: 29 June 2019

Posted by: Leann

I am devastated by the experience that I had with OVM Financial Inc. last month and I really wish to make you people aware of this fraudulent organisation working under the wraps of a mortgage industry. I was having a certain financial crisis due to my personal issues, and I had to shift from my existing home to a new one. However, since I did not have any money with me at that point of time, I decided to take sell off my existing home at OVM Financial. I called up their number to clarify my doubts as they promise always that they available to attend to our queries. But to my disappoint no one received the call. When I visited their office in VA, they were highly interested at my wish to sell off the house. A representative came with me to take a look at the house, for did not want any faults or misunderstandings regarding the condition of the house. They were satisfied then and they requested me for the original papers of the house`s registration with their organisation. Relieved that I was finally going to have some money with me, I readily gave them the papers.
I was given assurance that I should be getting a call from prospective buyers who are registered on OVM Financial Inc. within a month. I was even told that if no buyer contacts me within a month, then my papers will be returned and I would then have the chance to sell it somewhere else. However, it has been over one and a half months now and I have not received any calls from anyone. They do not receive my calls from my registered number either!

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