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Owen Hughes: Big cheats waiting to grab your money

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Published: 09 August 2017

Posted by: Magda J. Daniel

Hi Folks! This Jim Casson calling out loud to all the Bed & Breakfast owners to avoid any communication with Owen Hughes who are crooks working to grab your money. I run a B&B in New Mexico and I’ve not been able to digest the fact that I fell prey to Owen’s sweet charms. Off late these scams are on high and u better be alert and high!
I received a mail on 1st March’13 asking for the quotation and rates at my B&B. not realizing it’s a scam mail, I replied them stating the price. Just a day after, I received a mail back that the amount has been transferred to my a/c but I need to refund the check as they made an extra payment over the quoted price. I did refund the money to them w/o encashing theirs. In the meanwhile, these shitty scamsters held the check they issued. They conned me into paying them in the name of refund check. Bullshit! At first place, why would they pay above the quoted price? Why didn’t I even think about it then?
Such a bunch of assholes these guys are! U don’t even realize that u’ve fallen into their trap for everything looks so bloody formal n legitimate. It is not a question of a few hundred dollars but I’ve lost 1000’s of $$$
If u are a B&B owner, be very careful in your dealing. Guys, please always call to verify and call for their documents before accepting anything in the name of booking. I know scams are there everywhere but B&B I thought was always safe. Do not fall prey to scam emails. This is it guys! Everything is so precisely mentioned in the mail that not even once you suspect anything wrong.
I have filed my complaint at IC3 and now waiting to hear from them. I have left it to them to trace these bastards out. I know it’s tough to find out these guys who have been operating in diff modules. If you guys out there have seen such cases, file your complaint at IC3 now!
No doubts, B&B is a great idea to make money if you have spare capacity with you. But with coming of crooks like Owen Hughes & God knows how many more, this business also seems not so secure. All I can say, never trust any unsolicited mail in your life, especially, the ones which ask you for your money. It is a pain to get it back folks! A stitch in time always saves nine!
One thing I can say is that these scums, assholes will never be able to lead happy lives by laundering other people’s money. Me, at my end, waiting for IC3 to get back to me. Even if I do not get my money back, the acknowledgement of having pinned down the culprits would be a great news to me! Check out more at http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?23919-Owen-Hughes-scaming-B-amp-B-s
U get to learn more about these assholes here!

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