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Published: 19 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Stay away from PG AUTO SALES When I tell you this dealership is the worst, he is the worst. I do not know how he stays open. Problems- He will sell you a car that he tampers with the odometer. He has his mechanic cutting wires. He will sell you a vehicle that leaks every fluid it takes. He will offer 90 day warranty were you have to pay half on repair and parts-well every car he sells has problems. You are paying to fix his cars. He will NOT fix car within 90 days if it costs a lot of money. He will keep car past your 90 days,then tell you there is no warranty. He will not give you a second temporary tag unless you pay HIM $30 He will lie to you in your face and say car been on lot for 2 weeks when it has been there for 10 months. I bought a van from him and it leaks everything, air worked for 2 weeks. Roaches in the van like crazy. The vans odometer wire was cut. Owner told me van had 113,000 miles, come to find out, van had almost 200,000. A 12 yr old van is not work $10,000- His finance fees are too high. Run, Run, Run- Don’t deal with PG Auto Sales on Palm Beach Blvd 239-245-7570 All of his cars have over 150,000 miles on them. Owner Miguel has a mechanic he told me personally that he has him cut the wires to disable the odometer. This man needs to be slapped with big fines. He deserves to go OUT OF BUSINESS. Don’t buy from him(Miguel) at all. Ask about him first. NOBODY has nothing nice to say about this dealer. P G AUTO SALES- I found out too late. If you have a vehicle from him turn it in to him or skip town. PG Auto Sales needs an award. Best scammer in SWFL You have been warned.

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