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PA Deals’ Scam, Assistant Manager, Zach Matthews’s futile attempt to rip me off!

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Published: 16 August 2017

Posted by: James S. Grant

I had been looking for a Faux Chateau: a classic American suburban house with French architectural rudiments for quite some time now. My wife is obsessed with everything French and she is a huge lover of such houses, so naturally I was eager to find the right one for her so that we could move in on the day of our 25th wedding anniversary: 18th July, 2012 and I could give her a little shocker. Around a month before, I came across this ad on Craigslist that offered one such Chateau in Brisbane that looked quite promising to me. Who knew it would turn out to be quite a shocking revelation for me!
So what happened was that answering to this very crisp, loud and flamboyant ad, I naturally contacted the PA Deals the very same day and was redirected to the Assistant Manager, Zach Matthews who proposed to show me the Chateau at 17:00. I’d had a tiring day at the office and was very beat and just wanted to hit the sack. After arriving a fashionable 25 minutes late, he showed me the Chateau that was absolutely spectacular. I was in love!
I immediately went to their offices to turn in the application and start the leasing process and that’s when I started noticing their suspicious behavior and got a little wary. The office was straight out of a Charles Dickens novel with the wallpaper peeling off and worn out upholstery; people yelling left and right. I overheard an employee talking in a suggestive voice about how they favored black people over white. I waited for the approval knowing that it would be okayed because of my spotless and pristine record. Apparently, that is all the Assistant Manager needed to scam me. He smelled a sale and set his plan to rip me off into action.
His deal was pretty enticing and attractive! Full possession in a week and a half, 3 full month’s security and a $210 CAT deposit! Who has ever heard of that? Having set the bait, Zack Matthews waited for me to pick it up! Immediately thereafter, we went to see the rental unit that was to be leased. It was absolutely filthy and revolting to say the least! The cabinets in the kitchen hanging off its hinges, the wooden counters slapped with a thick layer of dust, rusted bar cabinets, a wooden fireplace that looked like it had seen better days!
Naturally, I assumed that all would be repaired and mended but to my astonishment, the Assistant Manager game me an unyielding NO. Without further ado, I told him that I had changed my mind and was uninterested in pursuing this deal any further. I went back to their so-called office hoping to have a word with the owner of the company but I was told that he is “UNAVAILABLE”. The obsequious and sycophantic Assistant brought me my check back and I quickly escaped through the skin of my teeth and decided there and then to write an exposé showing the true facade of the PA Deals to the world so that more unsuspecting people like me wouldn’t be caught in their net. God knows how many more people have already been scammed by this company’s fraudulent tactic!
I sincerely hope this report of mine is printed. I plan to take an action against PA Deals soon and will file a case against them in the court of law. And as God is my witness, I will screw them over as they potentially tried to screw me!

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