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Published: 18 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

PDS, Pacific Dental Services, My Smile you name it they go by many names for a reason. I worked for this company 8 months and was recently fired for poor production on a failing office. I had no dental background at all and promised all this wonderful training which I never got. Now dont get me wrong there are some nice people that work for the company but so many shady people that bring a dark cloud on this company. I now know why they had so many patient complaint and employee complaint. I should have taken all the red flags I found and not taken the offer. I was told all the negative reviews have been resloved that they are properly training people now and want people who DO NOT have dental backgrounds so they can train them in the company cultre. Yes its like being in a CULT that is for sure, they want you to push getting the almighty dollar no matter what. I was fired even though my Regional Manager did nothing to help guide me or help me even though she knew how much I was struggling and admited she ignored our office. She screwed up in Nov by allowing one of the new Doctors to take time off even though I had the situation under control. She forgot the other Doctor was on vacation and let the other Docotor have 3 days off from the office so we lost production and employees lost hours but I was blamed. Shady workings going on in this place. My RM best friend is the Specialty RM for the company who yanked a another production day from us and lied to our entire office saying the Dr was on vacation. LIES LIES LIES and nothing but cover ups. Come to find out via an email blast fron another office this Dr was scheduled at their office who needed patients when we had a solid full day booked. I was set up to faill, no training, placed into a failing office, given employees who are related to the RM and not performing their duties but verbally told not to write them up, written up for a failing Nov that was caused by the person doing the write up. List goes on and on. If your seeking a job stay far away from them. Im not irate at all I am totally disappointed on how this company operates and allows these bad apples within the company to keep their jobs and lose good canidates because of it. Paitent complaint a so long, I do not think there was one day I wasnt dealing with an angry patient and funny thing is it wasnt even anything I did, it was from others prior to me that would never resolve the issue. I hope they open their eyes and get the bad apples out of the basket before it destroys what others who are honset and try hard to do what is right either leave or report them for improper procedurces. .

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