Paddles By The Sea

Instead of being the best experience, it was the worst experience of my life.

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Published: 18 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

It is not every day that you plan something. It is not every day that you wait for that day to fulfill your dream of going someplace or doing something. Since childhood, I have always been drawn to water bodies and the magnificent creatures that reside in it, be it the magnificent aquatic animals or the beautiful and soul-soothing aquatic plants. There is something that has always called out to me in the aquatic world. So one day, randomly, I decided to fulfill my dream of taking a kayaking guided tour. I looked around for a while on the internet and found Paddles by the Sea. After going through their tour options, I decided to go for it.
I booked the tour for myself and I could not have been more excited to go on the tour and have an experience for a lifetime. I opted for the Kayak Guided Tour. The day finally arrived and I was ready to have the experience of a lifetime. I went to the place a little early before the scheduled time to soak in the feeling of freshness. The tour guide arrived and we all greeted him. He did not seem to be too jovial as he told us to get ready for the lesson. I had come prepared after reading the general itinerary and ‘the list of things to have’ on the website of the company.
We were all set for the kayaking lesson but there was only one problem – There was no sight of the tour guide. After waiting for forty-five minutes, we were fortunate enough to be graced by the guide’s physical presence. There he was, cigarette in one hand and a whistle in the other. He did not apologize for making us wait. The kayak that I was supposed to learn on did not seem to be too good. It was old, faded and probably had some holes in it too. I requested the guide if I could get another one but he refused.
The guide taught us vaguely and told us that it would be enough for us. It was time for the tour to start. The tour guide strictly ordered us to follow him and we all nodded. I was really disappointed by the guide that we were assigned. He did not seem to care one bit about the tourists. Anyway, the tour started. At first, I faced some difficulty but then I got the hang of it.
Although the view and the feel were really calming, the behavior of the guide ruined it all. He simply rowed ahead of us and kept shut throughout the whole tour. He did not bother telling us the good spots to take pictures and neither did he feel the need to inform us about the various specialties of the place or the animal and plant life. It was pointless to have a guide and to be honest, it was frustrating. Before the completion of almost one and half an hour, he told us to row back.
I would not want anyone to go through what I went through and therefore I would recommend you to stay away from Paddles of the Sea.

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