Paige Poff

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Paige Poff is a cheat and a bitch

Paige Poff came into my life in 2013. My husband and I had been married for 5 years then, and we had lived together for 8 years. In all, we had known each other for a good 13 years. But Paige seduced him and told him she made $100,000 a year. He went to live with her in May 2013. But she had no job. She would drive his car, and drop him off at work in the morning. Then she would drive around town hooking up with random men. Sometimes, she would forget to pick him up in the evening. He told me he called her many times begging to bring his car back, and she would simply say she had no money to come back. So my husband would loan her money that she promised to pay back but never did.
She got bored of him in 2014, and that was when he came back to me. Everything was okay. In 2015, she was arrested and incarcerated. I was so happy. I even made a post on social media about how happy I was that my husband and I had reunited and that this bitch could not ruin it. She saw that and she has been after my husband ever since. She just wants to break up our family. She doesn’t even like him.
If you’re in the San Antonio area, then be careful.

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  1. Paige Turner January 2, 2018

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