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Published: 17 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

It started when i ordered online regarding loptops from Mesh electronics in us after paying the company sent it trough PAISLEY courier services express. And told it will be delivered within 3 days from US to UAE. They have given a tracking number so i can monitor it on their website. After some time it reached Qatar and it was put on hold due to customs clerance. They told me that i have to pay this so it can be released i have paid the amont on what they were asking and it was again in transit to UAE, when it reached to UAE again it was on hold gor customs clerance. And agin they ask for another payment and i was excited to get my device i paid again on the amount they have asked me. After some tim agin they emaild me saying i have to pay extra charges so they can give to fedex and gain i paid and the amont they are asking to my surprise again they asked for extra payment becouse the transfer charge was inceeased so i have to pay more. I was getting upset and having doughts on the courier services because i inquire in fedex and told me they just get the payment when i recived the item from them. But i still send the money to them due to no other choice just to get my items. After that they said that they are going to cancell the fedex transfer and they will go ahed with paisley courier instead and they will deliver the item to me and they will give back the cash tha i have given to them in hand. After some hours waiting it didnt came to my place and when i asked them where it was i was shocked to learn that it was delivered to me as per them. I was furious and mad and asked them why didnt you call me and inform me because i still didnt recived my items and they keep on insisting that it was deliver to some guy and they have pasport copy to prive. They sent me the pasport copy and it was a pakistani guy whom i do not know and have no relation with. Then i asked them how can you give the package to a guy whom dosent have my aouthority and aproval and why didnt they call me for exact location on my place to verrify. And they told me that their network was down. And i asked them give me the number of the delivery guy and office number so i can call them. But they refused to give and aftet that they stop communicating with me and still i didnt got my package. Now Mech electronics is sending me a second package by fedex now and hope that this will be legit. They also filed a complaint in paisley courer regarding this. .

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