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Published: 18 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

So far I have spent around $2700.00 to repair a Yamaha 40 hp outboard engine and it still does not run. I took the vessel there on 7 different occasionsin 1 year. The carburetors were either rebuilt or supposedly repaired on every visit. They kept on picking out other parts for me to buy, then send me out with a non-runnuin motor. It has been ran lean so much that the pistons are wapred and only 70 psi in compression remains. I dropped off a 100 hour motor that had been sitting for 3 years to have carbs done and tuned up. They improperly cleaned and rebuilt the carbs causing a seriously lean running condition. I had 135psi compression when they first started. The new impeller came apart and damaged the new housing and ripped the lower unit shaft seal. The middle carb had a jammed pump disc after they replaced the bowls and discs, and it was leaking gas from a supply line. I returned it and they sold me some new linkages or something. When I got the boat back, the pump was still jammed and fuel was still leaking. I returned again and they tried to sell me new jets. TOTAL BS. The carb pump disc was jammed from an improperly installed spring, and the fuel hose was routed incorrectly causing it to split. So instead of looking at my concerns and repairing the bad work, they try to rip me off again. there were 2 bolts that were stripped on the carburetors and held in with silicone sealant. These people wont even fix what they broke on my boat. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE repair quality and service found here. They kept telling me how my fuel or my habits was the problem. Well after $2790.00 I have a blown motor, Maybe that is why they only take cash unless arrangements are mads. Stay Away, Run, whatever you do, DO NOT USE PALM BAY MARINA.

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