Palm Beach Pediatric Gastroenterology

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I wouldn’t recommend this place at all.

I had taken my 5-year old to this place, who was having severe abdominal pain that day. I thought it was because of gas or something like that. I had visited this place only once before. That time, the billing department had done some mistake with my bill. They had charged me $50 extra for no clear reason. That matter had to be sorted out. It was the nearest clinic to my place and their expertise in this field also made me consider it as the right choice. I was so wrong! This place is a mess. Never ever take your kid to Palm Beach Pediatric Gastroenterology. Those people have no sense of responsibility. Their billing department, staff, and doctors are all irresponsible. You can easily find a much better place which charges way less for their services. This place has terrible people. First, they don’t allow parents to accompany their kids in some circumstances. They never explained to me what those circumstances were. But the day my kid was having strong pain in his abdomen, they didn’t allow me to accompany him in the doctor’s room. I had told them that my son wouldn’t be able to explain anything. And my son didn’t want to part with me. He was crying in pain and I didn’t want him to be any more uncomfortable. But they didn’t care. They took him to the room even though he didn’t want to. I didn’t know what went on inside. But after 20 minutes had passed, I forced my way in only to find my son sleeping and no one else in the room. When I asked about it, the staff told me that the doctor had gone to get something. They kept telling me that I wasn’t allowed in the room, but I stayed. I asked them that I wanted to talk to the doctor. And I wanted to know what the doctor had thought of my son’s condition so far. The staff wasn’t giving any concrete responses. Then, I heard them calling the doctor through phone and asking me to come to the clinic fast. When I asked, then one of the staff people told me that the doctor hadn’t arrived at all. They were keeping my son in the place for 30 minutes now and the doctor hadn’t even arrived yet. I took my son away from that clinic and I’m never going back there. First, they lied to me about the doctor being present and then all of a sudden, they are telling me that the doctor hadn’t even visited the clinic. Their excuse was, ‘He is stuck in traffic’. I had an appointment, I wanted immediate care. But instead of that, my son was given some sedative and put to sleep whereas I was told to stay in the waiting room. This entire place is a horrible choice for any parent. The staff here doesn’t know how to handle kids and the doctors are seriously retarded.

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