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Published: 17 December 2018

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5/10/2011 11pm Tuesday Corky Bells restaurant owner generously provided security video of enraged, disorderly Pamela K. Geldart punching Barton Christner three times on the left of his head, while he sat calmly on a bench. Pam Geldart proceeded then to smash Mr. Christner’s MacBook Pro and Cameras worth thousands. Putnam County Deputy Roberts overheard Pam Geldart screaming “Who are they gonna believe, he hit me!” but video forced her confession. Deputy Roberts charged Pamela K. Geldart for Criminal Mischief (case 11-3499). 5/11/2011 10am Wednesday Pamela K. Geldart purchased a $2300 replacement MacBook for Mr. Christner, to subsequently have dropped her Putnam Criminal charge against her. 5/12/2011 11pm Thursday Ms. Pamela K. Geldart drunken, retaliated, malicious and vindictive, 8 minutes ranted to 911 dispatch (from actual transcript) “two days ago he filed charges against me, when really he hit me, broke windows, knifed my car, pushed me, threw me on ground, threw me off a four inch step.” Dispatch asked her are you injured? Ms. Geldart says, “No.” Why he’d do this were you fighting? Ms. Pam Geldart responds, “No.” Dispatch asks, what were you arguing about? Ms. Pam Geldart hesitates, answers literally, “Quite frankly I can’t recollect,” and continues, “I want an officer her to see I’m a 94 pound hamster and he’s a 220 pound Daddy, I couldn’t possibly hit him, he hits me!” Volusia County officers arrived, cited “zero tolerance” without evidence, injury, interest in Putnam, video surveillance, but just because she called, “we have to incarcerate one of you for 24 hours.” Mr. Christner was promptly arrested for a vindictive, malicious, retaliatory false Domestic Battery charge (case 110-821-MMAES). State’s Attorney Diaz later reviewed Ms.Geldart’s antics on video, all 911 transcripts, Pamela K. Geldart’s Criminal Charges, experienced her inconsistent, persistent outright lies, even reprimanded her for perjury, and DISMISSED everything as “NO INFO” (legalese for “she lied”). Mr. Christner had been 24 hours jailed, spent thousands in legal defense, six weeks by law required to pee on site in a cup weekly, restrained from leaving the county, humiliated, and dozens of mugshot industry websites have screen-scraped his booking photo, extorting $400 avg. each instance “mugshot unpublish” services or Google unethicaly results to family, friends, prospective employers the derogatory, misleading inmate records when a name is searched on Google! Both “James Geldart” and “John Korchinsky” (Pamela K. Geldart’s ex husband and ex-boyfriend) Google with Domestic Battery charges not long after each filed restraining orders actially against Ms. Geldart in both Palm Coast and Palm Beach jurisdictions respectively. May 2013 Ms. Pamela K. Geldart finally writes, “Bart, Long overdue, I know. Things got out of hand a few years back and I went too far. I admit had much to much wine and Bacardi. I was afraid to try and stop it all once I’d made that vary vary horrible ten minute 911 rant! I really see mug pictures and stuff online what it is I put you thru now that I lost my job at Barrett! I did met a guy lots like you. He’s not you. But I’m happy. Hope you are too? Send me a link when your book’s out, maybe, k? Ribbit. -Pam” A system that permits repeated, vindictive false Domestic Violence claims, insults the real victims these laws intended to protect. Google bias for the emerging extortion mugshot industry, coupled with federal and state scaled compensation encouraging higher Domestic Violence arrest rates, is falsely destroying reputations, ruining lives, careers, family financials, children’ support. See Mike Haywood 10 days on the job, 3.7 million contract fired by Pitt just two hours after a 911 call the woman actually wanted to retract???? .

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