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Published: 09 February 2018

Posted by: DC Vorhies

I drive for PAM and was never told if my spouse posts a video on her face book page sitting in the passengers seat the company has the right to assume she is driving the vehicle or make claims of such …Which they did they called me on my home time accusing me of letting her drive the tractor which never was true in the first place them she made another video showing the reason why it looked like she was in her cell phone she has 2 cameras one facing front the second flips the image to reverse about 1 hour later the head supervisor of PAM Safety called me and basically showing no respect or regards for the issue at hand began telling me no one will disrespect the drivers or the company personnel which I agree with But He felt compelled to do it to me and on top of it all proceeded to go off about something my wife posted on HER page for HER kids, I had to move the vehicle several times due to street sweeping and limited parking in the area I was in and in doing so forgot I was logged off the QUALCOMM so He didn”t want to discuss the issue instead he demanded I come to HQ so he can talk to me about this as well again with no respect to me after I spoke to one of his subordinates with total respect I”m thinking this other person told him I was being disrespectful to him this is what caused this guy to act like this towards me which was uncalled for along with my spouses passenger permit being expired so he claims but this is what happens when PAM keeps you running a dedicated lane from Clarksville TN to Laredo TX so you cant get into a terminal unless you have mechanical issues only paying you 32cpm for all those miles and taxing you to death …Just goes to show they like to misuse face book information that belongs to your family as ammo to fire at you I admit I moved the truck off the logs that was my mistake Yes but as for the remainder of it this company cares nothing about your personal privacy and Infringes upon your personal information to suit them best BEWARE of this tactic.

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