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Published: 04 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Pama management company has at the Chesapeake Apartments, Rodeo Road, Los Angeles, California 90016, 323-295-6675. Illegally towed my brand new car this later I found out not from the lapd, but instead the better police department in the city adjacent Culver City, after nearly 4-years of living at this complex Pama management changed the parking rules. Never did Pama’s personnel in the office where I had complained about other things inform me whatsoever about any changes. Later after 1-day finding who, what, when and why me new car was towed I heard from lapd “”you parked at a different address””, “”…or you parked in the fire lane””. No lapd I did not… Later from the security guard’s comment “”…oh the reason why we towed your car was the rules for parking were changed and we gave you a notice…””, “”we’ve been walking around putting notices on everyones you should have got one…?”” O.K. where is the logic here after 3 1/2 years the rules are changed I don’t get any mail, no one tells me yet my brand new car is gone from the “”REGULAR”” parking spot later to hear “”we’ve been walking around putting notices on people’s doors””. The managers reply when I called her “”you’re the only one in this entire complex that has not gotten any notice of the change to the parking rules””… Bottomline if I had been given a letter inside of my mailbox, or the same manager whom I had spoken to more than 5 times in a two month period told me face to face or for that matter “”registered mail””… then I would understand the $1500 in damages caused to me. Instead I’m going to give them the opportunity via voice to reimburse the total damages which are $300 towing charges, and $1000 to repair the damages caused to my brand new car as a direct result of illegally stealing my car in order to fulfill some sort of private kickbacks to the security guards and/or management company. That last part is essentially what the causal happens to be… obviously~! .

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