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Published: 31 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

After passing interviews and retained on a contract-to-hire basis, Panduit released me with no notice barely six weeks into my six month contract. I am a Certifie Scum Master and they claimed to practice Scrum, yet I could not identify a single Scrum practice, so I requested a Scrum Maste role. They placed me in an impossible situation: I was asked to be a Scrum Master without two required Scrum roles: the Product Owner and a tester. Attempts to communicate this were meant with smug respoonses. My “”team”” consisted of a single individual, who was literally a pathological lier (he contradicted himself on a daily basis). When I tried to clarify his contradictions, his response was “”I’m not going talk about it”” or “”don’t put words into my mouth””. During the project he consistently refused to perform Scrum practices. Initially his manager ordered him to comply, but he refused, and his manager stopped responding to my status reports highlighting his refusal. He claimed both he and his manager came from the same Arab country, and he was therefore a preferred resource. The development team was talented but stuck in decade-old standards. There was no industry standard quality control, no automated unit nor ntegraton testing, no continuous integration, and no code reviews. Fixes were hacked into the code base, often causing more defects. At one point a tester pointed this out but the IT manager refused to acknowledge the possibility. The tester was so shocked she just shrugged her shoulders. While I was there, an independant consultant, hired to evaluate the health of the application, presented his findings. His report identfied far more issues than I’ve ever seen in similar web applications, most of which had been coded during the previous year (i.e. under current management). Despite retaining a highly talented team of developers, they were relegated to maintenance bug fixes and enhancements. New applications were being outsourced to other countries, and also lacked industry standard quality controls. At one point I was accused of missing two meetings in a row. I responded to the manager that he knew the first meeting occured when I called in sick for the day, and that the second meeting, in fact, took place.

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