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Sexual Predator in the Garb of a Chiropractor!!!

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Published: 14 November 2018

Posted by: Adam

Okay. I still curse that day when I went to this clinic for the treatment. I was suffering from some pain in my spine…and my research for an ideal chiropractor led me to this place. And as my opening lines have already set the context of this ongoing complaint, I made the worst mistake of my life.
Pangemanan chiropractor is a scam. This guy is a fraud who you know in the guise of a chiropractor fleeces his patients of their hard earned money. This gentleman with his wife is running a huge scam. There are several reviews about him online now. I have personally met his patients after you know what had happened to me to know more about his tactics so that i could present a strong case against him in the court.

Yes. You guys are right. I had even filed case against these guys. You can now understand how traumatised i would have been. They with a sugar coated smile make you do what you do not want to do. They make you pay for things you do not really need. I paid three times more than the actual cost of the treatment we had agreed on. Bingo for him!!!! But that is the crux of the game huh. You take advantage of an innocent patient and their medical problems to keep your cash counter always full. That is the height of the inhumanity in our times. You can\’t even trust your doctors these days. I used to think that expensive clinics are better than those are cheap. But not even expensive clinics are spared. They too are run by scammers. I had probably forgotten that wrong people who would do anything to make money exist everywhere.

Pangemanan made my pain even worse. I am not saying that for the heck of it. It is true. I even have x-rays and other reports to prove my claim. During one of my treatments, I overheard chiropractor’s wife that i was alright. I did not require the treatment they were offering me. It was all a smart strategy to make me pay.

I met one of his old patients who claimed that this is guy also a sexual predator who can go to anything length to satisfy his lust. He went on to say that Pangemanan had even tried to sexually harass him and other patients who had even filed a complaint him.

This old patient narrated one incident to me wherein he objected to an outline of a male with erection on the wall. This is where anybody could be…women…children…anybody!!! But this guy is like…impossible. I later during my investigation got to know that this Chiropractor has a sexual case slapped against him by a female patient. This is scary. There is so much me too going on in Hollywood. But how about places like these that are no different. All of us have to come out in open and talk about it.
When I demanded him to return my money he started talking some clause in the registration form. He did not want to return the money. I paid thrice the amount we agreed on and for what…for this shit…for the pain…I am going through…!!!

Well, I was not ready to let it go at this time. At least after what i had gone through…i was not going to take it lightly. When i started discussing my case with a lawyer, Pangemanan got terrified and started marking all kinds of excuses for that horrible treatment. But I was not ready to just do this now. I was not only about the money i had lost, but also about the safety of common innocent people. I would not have let it go at any cost.
Frustrated, this guy you know went out of control and did things that he should not have. I was home one day…and…heard some knocking on my door. I answered it. There was a girl standing right in front of me. She introduced herself to me. She was from Pangemanan chiropractor’s. This girl was here to you know convince me to withdraw the case. That was the height. It was such a nonsense thing. Why did this doctor took the matter out like this??? This matter could have been between just him and me. But it was his stupidity that…that he tried to…you know handle this. The matter wall all out…and because of him. I listened to this girl but did not let her influence me. I politely asked her to leave my place. And she did.
The next day i went to meet Pangemanan who was sitting there in his office…idle. I told him about his stupidity and about how he wants to take the matter forward….i wanted my money back….and him to change his ways of operation. But he did not buzz. He was only interested in his you know case…was not really worried about people and mending his ways…..whatsoever. i left the place when i started realizing that the conversation was again heading to nowhere. I met a couple of more patinets who at some point of time were with Pangemanan. They all had the same story to tell. They were like harassed by the chiropractor. The same sexual harassment narrations and fleecing of hard earned money resonated in my room. However, there was this old man who drew my attraction. In his 70s, the gentleman said that he paid Pangemanan 6 times more than the actual amount to get rid of the pain. This man was you know a divorcee…doing some small time jobs for living. I mean you are cheating on people like these too. What kind of person is this???? Anyway…i am taking the case go the court….and i am sure i will get the justice soon. But it is not just about me. It is about all those who have been duped by people like him.

Stay away from Pangemanan chiropractor…he is the worst nightmare you can ever have.

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