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Published: 28 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I have seen and read about Trucking companies that rip people off. So many trucking companies and so few know how / or do take care of their drivers. Had my husband and I known how bad they are we would have never gotten into this profession. I scanned over alot of these companies and did not see anything about Panther II, so I knew it was up to me to let you know how they work. If you do not own a truck and drive for someone that is a fleet owner.( sorry but I can’t tell you from a owner’s point of view )They pay good… very good if you run. But Panther II preapproves everyone that pulls for them. I teamed with my husband and had a speeding ticket so they had me on a one year probation. When you run for them you are considered a lease driver and must turn in your trip pack by Thursday night to get paid in three weeks for those runs. But the money does not go to you, it goes to the owner of the truck. Each owner is different, but by law they are supposed to give you a settlment statment with each pay check.And if your luck is like mine seems to be running and the owner does not pay you Panther II will tell you that it is between you and the owner. They will tell you that you do not work for them and that they have nothing to do with it. Panther II will run a check on you, make you pay $250.00 for a two day orintation, your own motel and food cost. They do feed you all the lunch you can eat anytime you are in the yard. When my husband got to know acouple of people in the office there we found out that several other drivers had reported that Ken Smay was not paying them. But Panther II still continues to recommend drivers to drive for him. That is if a driver contacts them wanting to drive for their company Panther II will give the drivers info to Ken Smay ( or another fleet owner )and that owner will contact the driver and explain what is expected. Each owner is different and one may pay your expences while another will not. One might rip you off while another might not. Ken Smay did not pay my husband right while he was driving for him, but when he had had enough and quit Mr Smay said he had wrecked his truck.He mailed him a repair bill ( estiment) for one price and deducted another $150.00. I’m sure that in three mths. my husband had been scammed for more then $2000.00. So I have learned acouple of things about trucking. (1) make copies of everything you do ( I bought a copier and kept it on the truck with me,I am sure it paid for itself) (2)If it sounds or feels wrong there probably is something wrong with it. (3) get everything in writing…the Qual-Comm is a pain, but everything on it is a record. If a dispatcher says call me, don’t.Make them put it in the Q-Comm. And your logs are legal records, so if the truck breaks down or you have to stop for anything…LOG IT!!! And keep notes of everything you do. (4) Do everything legal. I know the DM’S, dispatcher’s or trucking companies tell you they want it legal, but turn around and tell you to fix your logs and make what they want you to do work. Do it legal. If they are going to do you wrong and Rip U Off, then it don’t matter how hard you try to make them happy, they are just going to Rip U Off. And if you have been RIPPED OFF tell people about it. This web site is the best thing I have seen on the web. It let’s you tell people what you have been threw and warn other’s of what they can face if they mess with these Rip Off’s.And believe it or not you might even feel better after getting it off your chest. So Please tell others about your experences. Susan Reidsville, Georgia U.S.A.

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